Political Science 121

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  1. How much does the U.S. spend on the military?
    1.2 Trillion Dollars
  2. How much is the U.S. national debt?
    $15 Trillion Dollars 
  3. How many people in the U.S. are without healthcare?
    50 Million
  4. How many adults in the U.S. are on probation, in jail, parol?
    7 Million
  5. Top Universities in the U.S. Public and Private
    Harvard and Berkeley
  6. How many people live in poverty in the U.S?
    46 million people
  7. How many pple live on a $1 a day? "  " $2/day -- In the world
    • 1.3 billion pple live on a 1$/day.
    • 3.5billion live on 2$/day 
  8. Compare wealth and income of richest in the U.S. to the poor.
    • Income: 98% vs 1%
    • Wealth: 99% vs .25%
  9. Familiar with the means tested program (welfare).
    Medicaid temporary assistance for needy families 5years 
  10. Familiar with food stamps, amount of money, and requirements.
    $1.05/meal, 3.15/day 2 years
  11. Very basics of the Budget.
    • Mandatory: Welfare, Social Security
    • Discretionary: Military Spending
  12. Security Issues U.S. dealing with terrorism&nuclear weapons. (basic idea)
    Terrorism and Nuclear Power
  13. Americanization and Soft Power
    Culture of U.S. spreading to foreign countries. U.S. culture is attractive (lifestyle) international students
  14. Nuclear Weapons: (U.S. and Russia major powers)
    Both U.S. and Russia have enough nuclear power combined to destroy each major city 10 times
  15. How many military bases around the world?
    130 out of 195 countries
  16. Essay question: Great Recession
    Housing Crisis and Derivatives 
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