Limitations- Engine

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  1. Maximum Takeoff Power
  2. Maximum Continuous Power
  3. Transient Power Limit
    112% (12 Second Maximum)
  4. Takeoff Max ITT
    917c (5 minutes)- 927c (2 minutes)
  5. Maximum Continuous ITT (OEI)
  6. Transient ITT
    965c (12 seconds)
  7. Maximum Propeller RPM
    1396 RPM
  8. Maximum Transient Propeller RPM
    1572 RPM
  9. Engine Oil Pressure (Min-Max)
    30 psi-100 psi (200 psi while starting with extremely cold oil)
  10. Engine Oil Temperature (Min- Max)
    35c- 122c
  11. Propeller Oil Pressure (Min- Max)
    25 psi- 140 psi (No operations above ground idle when in the 5psi- 25psi and 140psi-225psi ranges)
  12. Propeller Oil Temperature (Min- Max)
    45c- 77c
  13. Engine Starter Duty Cycle
    Two start attempts with 3 minutes cooling between... then 25 minutes between additional starts
  14. Engine Dry-Motoring Starter Limits
    Three 30-second ventilations with 3 minutes cooling between each... then one hour for subsequent ventilations
  15. Maximum Time With Starter Motoring
    70 seconds
  16. Minimum Battery Temp for Start
  17. Minimum Battery Voltage for Start
    24 volts
  18. Maximum Fuel Quantity
  19. Approved Fuel Types
    • JET-A
    • JET-A1¬†
  20. Fuel Temperature Limits (Min-Max)
    -40c- 43c
  21. Maximum Fuel Imbalance
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