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  1. cat
    for creating and displaying short files
  2. chmod
    change permissions
  3. cd
    change directory
  4. cp
    for copying files
  5. date
    display date
  6. echo
    echo argument
  7. ftp
    connect to a remote machine to download or upload files
  8. grep
    search file
  9. head
    display first part of file
  10. ls
    list directory contents
  11. ls –lrt
    list all the files in the current directory with permission, userid , user , size , date and time , File name
  12. lpr
    standard print command (see also print)
  13. more
    use to read files
  14. mkdir
    create directory
  15. mv
    for moving and renaming files
  16. ncftp
    The purpose of ncftp is to provide a powerful and flexible interface to the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol.
  17. print
    custom print command (see also lpr)
  18. ps
    Report process status. If no options are specified, you will see information about only those processes connected to your current terminal session.
  19. ps –e
    Shows information about all processes currently running on the system.
  20. pwd
    “Present Working Directory” used to find out what directory you are in.
  21. rm
    remove a file
  22. rmdir
    remove directory
  23. rsh
    remote shell
  24. setenv
    set an environment variable
  25. sort
    sort file
  26. tail
    display last part of file
  27. tar
    create an archive, add or extract files
  28. telnet
    log in to another machine
  29. vi
    vi is the standard Unix editor
  30. wc
    count characters, words, lines
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Basic UNIX commands
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