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  1. Angola Embassy
    Dorset Street
  2. Arab and British Chamber of Comence
    Upper Grosvenor Street
  3. Hix Restaurant W1
    Brewer Street
  4. Bridle Lane
    Brewer street/Beak street
  5. Hakkasan Mayfair Restaurant
    Bruton street
  6. Smooth Radio
    Castlereagh street
  7. George and Dragon PH
    Greenwell Street
  8. Elliot House
    Molyneux Street
  9. Cato Street
    Crawford Place
  10. Abrar House
    Crawford Place
  11. The Pows Wing/Christian Union Almshouses
    Crawford Place
  12. Larrik PH
    Shouldham Street
  13. Bahama High Commission
    Chesterfield Street
  14. Nova Bar & Grill Restaurant
    Granvile Place/Radisson Edwardian Sussex Hotel
  15. Radisson Edwardian Sussex Hotel
    Granville Place
  16. Flute Bar & Lounge
    Great Portland Street
  17. Vapiano W1
    Great Portland Street
  18. Vanilla Restaurant
    Great Titchfield Street
  19. Indonesia Embassy
    Grosvenor Square
  20. 34 Restaurant
    Grosvenor Square/South Audley Street
  21. Saint Dunstans Hospital Caring For those Blinded on War Service
    Harcourt Street
  22. Grange Langham Court Hotel
    Langham Street
  23. Orrery Restaurant
    Marylebone High Street
  24. Providores Restaurant
    Marylebone High Street
  25. Devonshire Place
    Marylebone Road/Devonshire Street
  26. Gaylord Restaurant W1
    Mortimer Street
  27. Red Place
    North Row/Green Street
  28. Sportsman Casino
    Old Quebec Street
  29. Plaza Shopping Centre
    Oxford Street
  30. Texture Restaurant
    Portman street
  31. Mamas & Papas
    Regent Street
  32. Leonard Hotel
    Seymour Street
  33. Tanzania High Commission
    Stratford Place
  34. Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  35. Radisson SAS Portman Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  36. The Arch Hotel
    Great Cumberland Place
  37. New Cavendish Club
    Upper Berkeley Street
  38. Berkley Court Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  39. Hadleigh Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  40. Boston Court Hotel
    Upper Berkeley Street
  41. Instute of Physics
    Portland Place
  42. Royal Instute of British Architect
    Portland Place
  43. Carbon Bar
    Old Quebec Street
  44. Zeman Restaurant
    Old Quebec Street/Sportsman Casino
  45. Hunter 486 Restaurant
    Great Cumberland Place/The Arch Hotel
  46. Zayna Restaurant Pakistani Grill
    New Quebec Street
  47. St John Ambulance Training Centre W1
    Crawford Street
  48. Mark and Spencer Car Collection Place
    Granville Place
  49. The Tree Tuns PH
    Portman Mews South
  50. The Rose Court Hotel
    Great Cumberland Place
  51. The Montcalm Hotel
    Great Cumberland Place
  52. Western Marble Arch Synagouge
    Great Cumberland Place
  53. Roti Chai Restaurant
    Portman Mews South
  54. Bilton Towers
    Great Cumberland Place
  55. La Porte Dos Indes Restaurant
    Old Quebec Street
  56. The Victory PH
    Brendon Street
  57. The Landlord Apartments
    Brendon Street
  58. Pine Bar W1
    Grosvenor Square/Millenium Hotel
  59. Avista Restaurant Bar
    Grosvenor Square
  60. Humpden Gurney Street
    Upper Berkeley Street/Seymour Place
  61. Dego Restaurant
    Market Place
  62. Ahli United Bank
    Portman street
  63. Bread Street Kitchen
    Bread street
  64. St Michael's Paternoster Royal
    College Hill/Collage Street
  65. Exchange Square
    Appold Street/Primrose street
  66. Girdlers Hall
    Basinghall avenue
  67. Mayor's & City of London County Court
    Basinghall street
  68. 196 Bishopsgate Hotel
  69. Pinnacle Tower
  70. Rocket Bar EC2 / 2
  71. Slaughter and May
    Bunhill row
  72. Cantaloupe Bar
    Charlotte Road
  73. Bloomburg
    Finsbury Square
  74. The Sharpes Children Foundation
    Great Eastern Street
  75. Anthologist PH
    Gresham Street
  76. Saint Lawrence Jewry Church
    Gresham Street
  77. Saddlers Hall
    Gutter Lane Lve by Cary Lane
  78. Mercers Hall
    Ironmonger Lane
  79. 1901 Restaurant
    Liverpool Street
  80. JP Morgan EC2
    London Wall/Wood street
  81. Tokenhouse Yard
    Lothbury/Kings Arm Yard
  82. City of London Club
    Old Broad Street
  83. Tower 42
    Old Broad Street
  84. Heron Apartments
    Silk Street/Moor Lane
  85. McQueen Bar
    Tabernacle street
  86. Parachute Squadron
    Worship Street
  87. Hoop & Grapes PH EC3
    Aldgate High Street
  88. New London House EC3
    Fenchurch Place
  89. Club Quarters Gracechurch
    Gracechurch Street
  90. Folly Bar EC3
    Gracechurch Street
  91. Chamberlains Restaurant
    Leadenhall Market
  92. Saint Magnus Church
    Lower thames street
  93. Walrus & Carpenter PH
    Lower thames street
  94. Hart Street
    Mark lane
  95. Mitre Square
    Mitre Street
  96. Fine Line Bar EC3 2/2
    Monument Street
  97. Institute of Opthalmology
    Bath Street
  98. Ely Place
    Charterhouse street
  99. Macclesfield Road
    Dngley road/Central street
  100. Gee Street Magistrates Court
    Gee Street
  101. Norman Street
    Ironmonger Row
  102. Angel Street
    King Edward Street/Saint Martins Le Grand
  103. Finsbury Leisure Centre
    Norman street
  104. Silicon Roundabout
    Old Street Roundabout/St Agnes Well
  105. Ability Towers
    Macclesfield Road
  106. Womans Library
    Old Castle Street
  107. Broadgate Tower
    Primrose Street/Bhishopsgate
  108. Pomell Way
    Comercial Street/Old Castle Street
  109. Art Academy SE1
    Marmaid Court
  110. London Metropolitan Univercity
    Old Castle Street/Gaulston Street
  111. City Point Club
    Ropemaker Street
  112. Fibi House
    Creechurch Place
  113. Apex London Wall Hotel
    Coptal Avenu
  114. Insurers Hall
  115. Pewterers Hall
    Oat Lane Leave by Staining Lane
  116. Wax Makers Hall
    Gresham Street
  117. Wild Honey Restaurant
    St George's Street
  118. Alfred The Great Statue
    Trinity Church Square
  119. Pomagranate Restaurant
    Grosvenor Road/Claverton Street
  120. Hydra Building
    Hardwick Street
  121. CitizenM Hotel
    Lavington Street
  122. Plantation Place
    Fenchurch Street
  123. Novas Gallery
    Southwark Bridge Road
  124. The Bar Locks
    Manningtree Street
  125. Whitechapel Fire Station
    Comercial Road
  126. Greenwich Foot Tunnel
    Sounders Ness Road/in by Ferry Street
  127. Premier Inn SW6
    Gonville Street
  128. Fortune Theatre
    Russell Street
  129. Annies Bar
    Kentish Town Road
  130. Peckham Civic Center TA Leave
    Olmar Street comp Round Lve By Olmar St
  131. Peckham Civic Center setting down
    L Sandgate St R Ruby St R Hyndman St
  132. Royal Horticultural Society/Tradewinds House
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  133. Kensal Rise Staion TA
    Station Ter Dagmar Gar Linden Ave Station Ter
  134. Bridel Lane
    Brewer Steet/Beak Street
  135. Mayhew Animal Hospital
    Ponsard Road
  136. Charlotte Street Hotel
    Charlotte street
  137. Blue Angel Club/Portland Club
    Little Portland Street
  138. Rathbone Hotel
    Rathbone street
  139. Mexico Embassy
    Saint George Street
  140. Crazy Bear Bar
    Whitfield Street
  141. Dabbous Restaurant
    Whitfield Street
  142. Pollocks Toy Museum
    Whitfield Street/In By Tothenham Street Lve By Windmill St
  143. British Dental Association
    Wimpole Street
  144. Kitcat Terrace
    Bow Road
  145. The Portman in Marylebone
    Upper Berkeley Street/Seymour place
  146. Mirabelles
    Curzon Street
  147. Aspinalls Casino
    Curzon Street
  148. Burger & Lobster Restaurant
    Clarges Street
  149. Rock And Sole Fish and Chips
    Endell Street
  150. Rudy's Revange
    Endell Street
  151. The Devas Club SW11
    Storemont Road
  152. Marriot County Hall Hotel
    Westminister Bridge Road
  153. Bevin Square
    Beachcroft Road
  154. Pavilion Square
    Beachcroft Road
  155. Pescatori Restaurant
    Charlotte Street
  156. Sartori Restaurant WC2
    Great Newport Street
  157. Matilda Apartments
    Earnshaw Street
  158. 101 Bar Club
    New Oxford Street
  159. BFI British Film Institue
    Stephen Street
  160. Fino Restaurant
    Rathbone street
  161. TBWA/Bryan House
    Charlotte Street
  162. Transport Friendly Society
    Betterton Street
  163. Saint Josheps Roman Catolic School
    Macklin Street
  164. Dragon Hall
    Stuckley Street
  165. Fashion and Retail Academy
    Gresse Street
  166. Pendrell House
    New Compton Street
  167. Lansdown Club
    Fitzmorris Place
  168. Phoenix Gardens
    St Giles Passage
  169. Phoenix Theatre Stage Door
    Stacey Street
  170. Crocfords Casino
    Curzon Street
  171. Nickelodeon
    Rathbone Place
  172. Berkshire House
    High Holborn
  173. Caviar House Restaurant
    Saint James's Street
  174. Guards Club
  175. Criterion Theatre
    Piccadilly Circus
  176. Piccadilly Institute
    Piccadilly Circus/The London Pavillion
  177. Z Hotel Soho
    Moor Street
  178. Moor Street
    Charing Cross Road
  179. Village Soho Caf� Bar
    Wardour Street
  180. Duck Lane
    Broadwick Street
  181. Yauatcha & Tea House
    Broadwick Street
  182. Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant
    Upper James Street
  183. Cape Town Fish Market Restaurant
    Agyll Street/Sutherland House
  184. Hibiscus Restaurant
    Maddox Street
  185. Living Room Bar W1
    Heddon Street
  186. New Georgian Club
    Mill Street
  187. Nopi Restaurant
    Warwick Street
  188. National Geographic Caf�
    Regent Street
  189. Downtown Mayfair
    New Burlington Place
  190. Infinity Club W1
    Old Burlington Street/Embassy Club
  191. Eagle Bar/Diner
    Rathbone Place
  192. Capricorn Club
    Goodge Street
  193. Mahatma Gandhi Hall
    Fitzroy Street/Grafton Way
  194. Ramsay Hall
    Maple street
  195. Meat Liquor
    Welbeck Street
  196. Royal Society of Medicine 1
    Wimpole Street
  197. Knox Street
    York street/Marylebone road
  198. 100 Club
    Oxford Street
  199. South Molton Street
    Oxford Street/Brook street
  200. Langans Bistro
    Devonshire Street
  201. Odins Restaurant
    Devonshire Street
  202. Weiner library
    Devonshire Street
  203. Hardys Restaurant
    Dorset Street
  204. Honduras Embassy
    Gloucester Place
  205. Bird Street
    Barrett Street/ Duke Steet R Picton Place R James Street R Barret Street L Bird Street
  206. Robert Street WC2
    John Adam Street
  207. New Square
    Lincolns inn Fields
  208. Maple Leaf PH
    Maiden Lane
  209. Embankment Pier
    Victoria Embankment
  210. Hawksmoor Restaurant WC2
    Langley Street
  211. Broad Court
    Bow Street/Drury Lane
  212. Lyceum Theatre Stage Door
    Exeter street
  213. Forge Restaurant & Bar
    Floral Street
  214. Sanctuary Fitness Club
    Floral Street
  215. Gustoso Restaurant
    Willow Place
  216. Club Sakura
    Mill Street
  217. Blue Post PH
    Broadwick Street
  218. 444 Musicion Union TA
    Fentiman Road R Palfrey Place Richborne Terrace L Clapham Road
  219. Onion Shed Theatre
    Lotihan Rd In By Vassal Road and Langton Road
  220. Brixton Bus Garage TA
    Streatham Hill L Wyatt Park Road L Days Brooke Road L Waver Tree Road
  221. Pendennis Road To Leigham Court Rd
    L Newcome Gardens R Gracefield Gardens L Culverhouse Gardens L o R Leigham Court Road
  222. Leigham Vale To Hardel Rise No Norwood Rd
    L Palace Road R Probyn Road L Christchurch Road R Hardel Rise
  223. West Kensington TA
    R Castletown Road L Challoner Rd L Charville Road
  224. Adventure Bar
    Bedford Street
  225. Royal Balle School
    Floral Street
  226. La Balerina Restaurant
    Endell Street
  227. Carriage Hall
    Floral Street
  228. Tune Hotel Westminster
    Westminster Bridge Road
  229. Stable Yard SW1
    Cleveland Row
  230. Royal Military Police TA
    Upper Tulls Hill
  231. Oval Ambulance Station
    Foxley Road/Cranmer Road
  232. Akerman Road
    Lotihan Rd/Loughborough Road
  233. Fulham Cemetery
    Fulham Palace Road
  234. Tooting Fire Station
    Trinity Road
  235. Trinity Crescent
    Trinity Road/Balham High Road
  236. Mountearl Gardens SW16
    Leigham Court Road
  237. Streatham Constitutional Club
    Leigham Court Road
  238. Streatham Ambulance Station
    Mountearl Gardens
  239. Windmill Gardens
    Blenheim Gardens
  240. Tulse Hill Estate
    Tulse hill
  241. Grafton Tennis & Squash Club
    Thornton Road
  242. Big Issue
  243. Saint Georges Wharf Appartments
    Wandsworth Road/Nine Elms Lane
  244. Canterbury Crescent
    Wiltshire Road/Pope's Road
  245. Genting Casino Cromwell Mint
    Cromwell Road
  246. Henry Tate Mews
    Crown Lane
  247. The Cadogan Restaurant SW1
    Sloane Street/Cadogan Hotel
  248. Matthew Parker Street
    Tothill Street/Storeys Gate
  249. Carlyles House
    Cheyne row
  250. Department of Health / Richmond House
  251. Brinkley's Kitchen Restaurant
    Bellvue Road
  252. Poynders Gardens
    Honeybrook Road
  253. Windmill Drive
    The Avenue/Clapham Common South Side
  254. Trinity Road Police office
    Trinity Road
  255. Vauxhall City Farm
    Tyers Street
  256. Vox Club
    Nine Elms Lane
  257. Market Towers
    Nine Elms Lane
  258. Renaissance Rooms/Roller Disco
    Wandsworth Road
  259. Whitehall Gardens
    Northumberland Avenue
  260. Miles Street SW8
    Bondway/Wandsworth Road
  261. Woods Place SE1
    Grange Road
  262. The O Bar
    Wardour Street
  263. Cinema House
    Wardour Street
  264. Banana Tree Restaurant
    Wardour Street
  265. Screen House
    Wardour Street
  266. Profile Bar
    Wardour Street
  267. Soho Lofts
    Wardour Street
  268. Comedy PH
    Oxedon Street
  269. Comedy Store
    Oxedon Street
  270. Getti Restaurant
    Devonshire Street
  271. Hellenick Centre
    Paddington Street
  272. Ping Pong Restaurant
    Nottingham Place
  273. Madox Club
    Mill Street
  274. Gem Bar
    Warwick Street
  275. Sakura Club
    Mill Street
  276. Kabbalah Centre
    Stratford Place
  277. Aura Club Restaurant
    St James Street
  278. Sophisticats Club
    Marlybone Lane
  279. Steinway Hall
    Marlybone Lane
  280. Borderline Club
    Orange Yard/Manette Street
  281. Crobar
    Manette Street
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