S3M2 buzz words

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  1. low LAP score
  2. Philidelphia chromosome
    t (19,22) Abl-BCR 

  3. 40-60 years old leukemia
    AML or CML
  4. calla +
  5. CD10 +
  6. 0-14 YO leukemia
  7. hypogammaglobulinemia
  8. smudge cells
  9. >60 YO leukemia
  10. intense puritis (generalized itching)
    polycythemia vera
  11. massive splenomegaly
    • Hairy cell leukemia
    • CML
    • myelofibrosis 
  12. dry tap on BM aspiration
    • Hairy-cell leukemia
    • Aplastic anemia
    • Myeloid infiltrate
  13. Auer rods
  14. DIC in leukemia
    AML- 3 (promyelocytic)
  15. swollen bleeding gums/ gum infiltrate
    AML-5 (acute monocytic leukemia)
  16. Bence Jones proteins
    multiple meyeloma
  17. lytic bone lesions
    multiple myeloma
  18. 15-40 YO leukemia
  19. Reed- Sternberg cells
    Hodgkins lymphoma
  20. Owl eyes
    Reed- sternberg cells= Hodgkins lymphoma

    Owl eye inclusion bodies= CMV
  21. anterior mediastinal and somewhere above the mediastinum lymphadenopathy
    Nodular sclerosis (Hodgkins lymphoma)
  22. CD15 + and CD30 +
    nodular sclerosis (Hodgkins lymphoma)
  23. fever, night sweats and weight loss
    TB (untill proven otherwise)

    Hodgkins lymphoma
  24. BCL + and t(14,18)
    Follicular lymphoma (non Hodgkins)
  25. t(8,14)= cMYC overexpression
    Burkitts lymphoma (NHL)
  26. Starry sky macrophages
    Burkitts lymphoma (NHL)
  27. multiple lymphomatous polyps in the gut
    Mantle cell lymphoma
  28. t (11,14)= cyclin D overexpression
    Mantle cell lymphoma
  29. macroglobulinemia/ monoclonal IgM spike
    Waldernstrohms lymphoma
  30. monoclonal IgG spike (possibly IgA)
    multiple myeloma
  31. Calcium elevation
    Renal insufficiency
    Bone lesions
    multiple myeloma
  32. rouleux
    • multiple myeloma
    • IgG and APPs causing stickiness of RBCs
  33. amyloidosis
    multiple myeloma
  34. CD4 +
    Mycosis Fungoides/ Sezary Syndrome

    Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (HTLV-1)

    Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) 
  35. Pautriers micro-abscess
    tumor phase of mycosis fungoides
  36. exfoliative erythroderma
    • Sezary syndrome
    • (mycosis fungoides in blood)
  37. cerebriform nuclei
    Sezary syndrome
  38. horse-shoe shaped nuclei
    Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (CD4+)
  39. CD8 +
    large grandular lymphocytic leukemia
  40. tennis racket appearance (Birbeck granules)
    tumor of histocytic origin
  41. CD1a +
    • Langerhands cells
    • -tumor of histiocytic origin 
  42. grooved nucleus (coffee-bean appearance)
    histiocytic origin
  43. H-J bodies
    • splenic dysfuction
    • - sickle cell
    • - spherocytosis
  44. TRAP +
    hairy cell leukemia
  45. Downey cells
    EBV= HHV4= infectious mononucleosis

    downey cells= atypical T cells

  46. heterophile antibodies
    EBV= HHV 4= infectious mononucleosis
  47. vBcl-2/ vIL-6 homologue
    • KSHV= HHV-8
    • karposis sarcoma associated herpesvirus
  48. t (14,18) BCL-2 overexpression (IgH locus)
    Follicular lymphoma 
  49. AIDS retinitis
  50. multifocal cystic defects in skull, otitis media, diabetes insipidus and exophthalmos
    Hand-Schuller Christian disease
  51. Diffuse eczematous rash in >3 with multifocal cystic skull defects
    Lerrerer- Siwe disease
  52. soap bubble macrophages
    Niemann-Pick (sphingomyelinase def)
  53. fibrillary macrophages
    Gauchers disease (glucocerebrocidase def)
  54. cartilagenous cap
    osteochondroma (benign)
  55. soap bubble lytic lesion on XR
  56. strap cells (tadpole shaped)
  57. brown tumor
  58. subchondral cyst
  59. synovial proliferation/ pannus
  60. brown hyperplastic synovium
    Pigmentet villonodular synovitis
  61. curvilenar trabeculae of woven bone
    fibrous dysplasia
  62. storiform, benign looking inter weaving fibrous tissue
    fibrous cortical defect
  63. very cellular and rapidly growing (mitoses) tumor on limbs, chest or back
    nodular fasciitis (benign)
  64. undigested food in vomit/ esophageal atrophy
    • Plummer Wilson disease (Fe deficiency)
    • differentiate b/t Sjrogren (difficulty swallowing solids) and systemic sclerosis (rubber hose esophagus)
  65. bilateral ovary located metastasis of gastric or colonic mucosa producing gastric adenocarcinomas
    Krukenberg tumor (women only)
  66. perineurial spread
    prostate and pancrease carcinoma
  67. alpha-fetoprotein elevation
    hepatocellular carcinoma
  68. mutation of BOTH APC genes
    • FAP
    • "APC mutation causes a polypy colon" 
  69. inherited p53 mutation
    • Li-Fraumeni syndrome
    • -brain and adrenocrotical tumors 
  70. Cowdry Type A intranuclear inclusion bodies
  71. src gene
    Rous Sarcoma oncogene encodign TK
  72. Bcl-2 proto-oncogene expression
    prevention of apoptosis in EBV
  73. CD20 +, BCL-6 +
    CD15 -, CD30 -
    Lymphocyte predominant HL
  74. monocolonal IgM, no free light chains, no bone destruction
    Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma
  75. midline granuloma
    • Extra-nodal NK-cell/ T-cell lymphoma
    • lethal
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