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  1. classicism
    Ancient Greek and Roman art, which emphasized harmony, proportion, balance, and simplicity. Generally, classicism refers to art, architecture, and sculpture based on accepted standards of beauty. The elegance, symmetry, and repose of classical are usually seen as the opposite of art of the romantic school.
  2. Renaissance
    European art c. 1400-1600. Renaissance art began in Italy and stressed the forms of classical antiquity, which emphasized a realistic use of space, scientific perspective, and secular subjects.  Early were Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian.
  3. baroque
    A style developed in Europe and latin America during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Works in all the arts were produced on a grand scale with a high sense of drama. In painting, deep perspective was developed, chiaroscura was intensified, color was superbly exploited, and artists often showed a fascination with intense emotional states
  4. rococo
    In reaction to the grandeur and massiveness of the baroque, artisits working in the rococo style used highly decorative, refined, and elegant forms. This style spread through eighteenth-century Europe. Parisian tapestries, furnture, and bronze art became delicate. Shells, scrolls, branches, and flowers appeared on furnishings.
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