flash cs3 primer photo tutorial from vineyard designs

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  1. File > New > Templates tab > 'Photo Slideshows' Category > 'Modern Photo Slideshow' Template
  2. A fully functional photo album with some default photos will open.
  3. Double click a photo to get the'Bitmap Properties' window.

    • Click the 'Import' button and import your photo. It will replace the
    • default image. The photo album is designed to show photos of the
    • dimension 640x480 pixels so ensure your photos are of those dimensions.

    Repeat the proceedure for the the other photos.
    • Select the first frame in the captions layer of the timeline. The
    • default caption for the first photo will get selected. You can see it at
    • the bottom of the stage area.
  4. Double click on the caption and edit the text to the caption of your photo. Repeat for all captions.
  5. To Add an Extra Photo
    The template comes with a default of 4 photos. If you have more than 4 photos follow these steps:
    Insert a new set of frames after the last frame on each layer

    Click on the
    frame title of the last frame > Insert > Timeline > Frame

    Insert keyframes in the new frames on the layers entitled 'Captions' and 'picture layer'.
  6. Click on the frame > Insert > Timeline > Keyframe
  7. Import the extra photo into the library and then put it into the 'photos' folder.
  8. - File > Import > Import to Library
  9. - Open the Library Window > Drag the new photo into the 'photos' folder
  10. In the timeline, click on the last keyframe of the 'picture
    layer'. Then click on the photo in the stage. The photo will get selected and it will be a duplicate of the photo in the previous frame.
  11. Swap it with the new photo in the Properties window.

    In the 'Properties' window, click the 'Swap' button >
    Select the new photo in the 'Swap Bitmap' window that opens up >
    Click OK
    Change the caption for the photo.
  12. Test the photo album and repeat the process for all the extra photos you want to add.
    • Delete Extra Photos
    • In case you have less than 4 photos in your album simply remove the extra set of frames.
  13. Click on the
    frame title of the frames you want ot remove > Edit > Timeline > Remove Frames

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flash cs3 primer photo tutorial from vineyard designs
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