Nutrition Nutrients& basics

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  1. What are the five dimensions of health
    • physical
    • mental
    • emotional
    • social
    • spiritual
  2. What explores the relationship of humans to food
  3. Describe wellness nutrition
    approaches food consumption as a positive way to nourish the body
  4. activities to aviod or prevent inital development of a disease
    primary prevention
  5. early detection of  a disease, trying to stop progression or minimize effects
    secondary prevention
  6. minimize complications after a disease has developed
    tertiary prevention
  7. Why do we need nutrition policies
    • guide public
    • nutrition labeling
    • regualte additives
    • sanitation standards
    • preventing disease and deficiences
  8. Substances that the body uses from food
  9. Name the 6 nutrients
    • Carbohydrates
    • proteins
    • lipids
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • water
  10. nutirients that we must eat because the body does not make them
    essential nutrients
  11. Nutrients that the body can produce in sufficent amounts
    Non essential nutrients
  12. Energy-yielding nurtients like carbs, proteins, and lipids
  13. Nutirients needed in small amounts like minerals and vitamins
  14. What are the main functions of essential nutrients
    • energy
    • regulate body process
    • aid in body tissue growth and repair
  15. vitamins and minerals act as a ________ for the body's use of nutrients as energy
  16. What is the major source of fuel
    carbs broken down to glucose
  17. What are the two different types of carbs
    • simple: sugars(fruit, milk, sweetners)
    • complex: starch & fibers(pasta,grains,vegetables)
  18. What type of carb is more benefical
  19. What is the function of protein

    helps make bones, muscle,enzymes,blood,immune system, & cell membrane
  20. How is protein formed
    linking amino acids
  21. What is the denset form of energy obtained from
  22. What are the functions of lipids in our body
    • energy
    • functioing component of all cells
    • role in hormone production
    • padding to protect organs
  23. What is the function of vitamins in our body
    assist in digestion, absorption,metabolism,& excreation
  24. How many essential vitamins are there
  25. Vitamins can be either _____ or _____ soluable
    • fat
    • water
  26. What are good sources of vitamins
    fruits and veggies
  27. What is the function of minerals in the body
    structural functions
  28. Where are minerals found in the body
  29. How many essential minerals are there and how are they divided
    • 16
    • trace & major
  30. What foods can minerals be found in
    • fruit
    • veggies
    • dairy
    • meat
    • legumes
  31. What are the functions of water in the body
    break down & reform substances

    transport medium
  32. What is a major part of every body tissue
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