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  1. Mange mites of the Families __ and __ collectively cause skin associated problems known as Scabies
    Psoroptidae and Sarcoptidae
  2. An important characteristic for identification of a number of common mites is length and segmentation of the __ (__) connecting a sucker to the leg.
    stalk (pedicle)
  3. Female mites create burrows in the __, __, and __ layers of the skin
    • stratum corneum
    • stratum lucidium
    • Malpighian
  4. What are related to the Family Sarcoptidae?
    • Sarcoptes- dog (swine, horse, cattle and man)
    • Notoedres- cat (rats, rabbits and man)
  5. What are apart of the Family Psoroptidae?
    • Psoroptes- sheep, cattle and horses
    • Chorioptes- horse( cattle, sheep and goats)
    • Otodectes- dogs, cats, and pocket pets
  6. What are the two "eyes" on the posterior end of Choriptes?
    copulatory suckers
  7. __ is a psoroptic mite of the dog and other canids, as well as cats.
    Otodectes cynotis
  8. __ is the most common mange mite of ominivores and carnivores
    Otodectes cynotis
  9. What is the developmental time for Otodectes cynotis, and must continue treatment for this amount of time to insure all developmental stages have been elliminated?
    3 weeks
  10. (family) -- live in the skin and in glandular ducts
  11. __ found in the canine, are among the easiest to expose as they live on the surface of the skin
    Demodex canis
  12. What are two forms fo demodicosis?
    • localized demodicosis
    • generalize demodicosis
  13. What are some other classifications of demodicosis?
    • juvenile onset 3-12 months (pediatric, your immune system is suppressed)
    • adult onset 2-4 years
  14. Demodiocsis (what 2 things)
    • Mite
    • and
    • Suppressed immunesystem
  15. __ % with generalized demodicosis under one year will recover spontaneously without intervention
  16. What is the nickname for demodicosis?
    "red mange"
  17. What is the concurrent bacteria seen with demodex?
  18. What is the cause of Demodex canis and cati?
    • Mite
    • Suppressed immune system
  19. Where do lesions for demodex typically start?
    on the face
  20. What drug is contraindicated for demodex?
  21. What is the only FDA approved treatment for demodicosis?
    Amitraz (Mitaban) by the upjohn company
  22. What are 4 treatments for demodicosis
    • 1. Amitraz (mitaban)
    • 2. Milbemycin oxime (interceptor)
    • 3. Ivermectin (ivomec 1%)
    • 4. Lufenuron (Program)
  23. in the early 70's Dr. Danny Scott of Cornell University mixed a solution of 5 parts __ with 1 part __
    • 5 parts- propylene glycol (a primitive oil based antibiotic)
    • 1 part- ectoral- (organophosphate)
  24. What are some other species of demodex?
    • Demodex bovis
    • Demodex ovis
    • Demodex caprae
    • Demodex phyllodides
    • Demodex equi
  25. What are the three primarie Cheyletiellidae?
    • Cheyletiella yasguri-- dogs "Walking Dandruff"
    • Cheyletiella blakei- cats
    • Cheyletiella parasitivorax - domestic rabbits
  26. What is the nickname for the family Cheyletiellidae?
    "big claw"
  27. __ is known as the "sheep itch mite"
    Psorobis ovis
  28. __ is known as the "dog itch mite"
    Sarcoptes scabei
  29. __ is known as "cat itch mite"
    Notoedres cati
  30. __ are known as "triggers" are are the pathogenic membres of this developmental stage
    Trombiculid larvae
  31. chiggers are __ legged larvae (looking much like demodectic mite), tiny and bright red
    six legged larvae
  32. What are 5 things that can be seen inside an itchy ear?
    • Otodectes cynotis
    • Trombiculid larvae
    • Malazzesia
  33. What is the etiology for lymes disease?
    Borrelia burgdorferi
  34. What is the intermediate host for Barreilia burgdorferi?
    Ixodes dammin
  35. What is the nickname for Amblyomma americanum?
    Lone Star Tick
  36. What is the nickname for Amblyomma maculatum?
    Gulf Coast Tick
  37. What is the nickname for Dermacentor variabilis?
    American Dog Tick/Wood Tick
  38. What is the nickname for Rhipicephalus sanquinius?
    Brown Dog Tick
  39. What is the nickname for Boophilus annulatus?
    Texas Cattle Fever tick
  40. What is the nickname for Haemaphysalia leporispalustris?
    Continental Rabbit Tick
  41. What is the nickname for the soft tick Argas persicus?
    Fowl Tick
  42. What is the nickname for the soft tick Otobius megnini?
    Spinous Ear Tick
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