Chapter 8

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  1. John Marshall
    Chief Justice
  2. Marbury v. Madison
    For the first time the Supreme Court had asserted its authority to void an act of Congress on the grounds that it was "repugnant" to the Constitution 
  3. Lewis and Clark Expidition
    Benefits from diverting the lucrative fuy trade from Canadian to American hands and boosting trade with China
  4. Sacajawea
    Toussaint Charboneau's wife, a Shoshone in 1804 
  5. Impressment 
    Royal Navy press gangs had scoured the docks and taverns of British ports and forced (pressed) civilians into service
  6. Embargo Act of 1807
    Prohibited vessels from leaving American ports for foreign ports, inhibited export and imports
  7. War Hawks
    Republicans from south and west regions who demanded more aggressive policies 
  8. Henry Clay of Kentucky
    Elected as Speaker of the House 
  9. Tecumseh
    Shawnee Chief and his brother Lalawethica who was soon known as Tenskwatawa, a prophet 
  10. Treaty of Ghent, 1814
    British initially demanded territorial concessions from the US, 
  11. Andrew Jackson
    From the Battle of New Orleans, boosted his political view
  12. Era of Good Feeling 
    Phrase coined in 1817, an elimination of war of diverse issues and effort to avoid political controversies 
  13. Missouri Comprimise 
    To balance the number of free and slave state and Missouri as a slave state; to forestall a further crisis, north of 36,30
  14. John Quincy Adams
    Monroes secretary of state, the son of the last federalist President, last federalist to support the Louisiana Purchase
  15. Adams-Onis Treaty
    Spain ceded East Florida to the US, renounced its claims to West Florida and agreed to southern border of the US west of Mississippi 
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