Ch. 10 Group Dynamics

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  1. being intelligent not just about relationships but
    • ineffective communication skills/practices
    • poor work relationships/interpersonal skills
  2. Managers need to build social capital with(4)
    • Social Perception
    • Impression management
    • Persuasion and social influence
    • social adaptability
  3. being intelligent not just about relationships but also in them
    social intelligence
  4. 1) two or more freely interacting individuals who 2) share collective norms and 3) goals and have a 4) common identity
  5. group formed by the organization
    formal group
  6. group formed by friends or those with common interests
    informal group
  7. Formal groups fulfill two basic functions
    • oranizational
    • individual
  8. a web enabled community of people who share all types of information
    social networking site
  9. Five Stages of Group Development
    Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, & Adjourning
  10. Stages of group decay
    • de-norming
    • de-storming
    • de-forming
  11. natural erosion of standards of conduct - group interests and expectations change
    de norming
  12. undercurrent of discontent comes to surface - individual resistance increases and cohesiveness declines
    de storming
  13. work group falls apart - subgroups battle for control
    de forming
  14. sets of behavior that persons expect of occupants of a position
  15. snapshot of ongoing interaction between two people
    role episode
  16. one's expectations exceed one's ability
    role overload
  17. others have conflicting or inconsistent expectations - different members expect different things
    role conflict
  18. others' expectations are unknown
    role ambiguity
  19. an attitude, opinion, feeling, or action - shared by two or more people - that guides their behavior
  20. rejection by other group members
  21. enable the work group to define clarify and pursue a common purpose - keep group on track
    task roles
  22. foster supportive and constructive interpersonal relationships - keep group together
    maintinence roles
  23. lab experiments revealed negative side of group dynamics - the line test
    asch effect
  24. a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in group when members' striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action
  25. decrease in individual effort as group size increases
    social loafing
  26. to ensure expectations are clearly understood, help resolve conflicts, provide vision and goals for group, and encourage positive performance
    team leader's role
  27. person will try to question assumptions being made to ensure that the group makes the best decision
    devil's advocate role
  28. A Task Role: suggests new goals or ideas
  29. A Task Role: clarifies key issues
    information seeker/giver
  30. A Task Role: clarifies pertinent values
    opinion seeker/giver
  31. A Task Role: promotes greater understanding through examples or exploration of implications
  32. A Task Role: pulls together ideas and suggestions
  33. A Task Role: keeps group headed toward its stated goals
  34. A Task Role: tests group's accomplishments with various criteria such as logic and practicality
  35. A Task Role: prods group
  36. A Task Role: performs routine duties
    procedural technician
  37. A Task Role: performs a group memory function by documenting discussion and outcomes
  38. A Maintenance Role: fosters group solidarity by accepting and praising various points of view
  39. mediates conflict through reconciliation or humor
  40. A Maintenance Role: helps resolve conflict by meeting others half way
  41. A Maintenance Role: encourages all group members to participate
  42. A Maintenance Role: evaluates the quality of group processes
    standard setter
  43. A Maintenance Role: records and comments on group processes/dynamics
  44. A Maintenance Role: serves as a passive audience
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