Medical Terminology Chapter 1 Lecture Notes

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  1. Suffix
    End of the word
  2. Prefix
    Attachment to the beginning of the term
  3. Word Root
    Gives the essential meaning of the term
  4. Combining Vowel
    A vowel that has no meaning of its own but is used as an important connector between the root and the suffix
  5. Combining Form
    Combination of the root and the combining vowel
  6. Cardi/o
  7. dermat/o
  8. gastr/o
  9. hem/o
  10. psych/o
  11. -al 
    pertaining to
  12. -ectomy
    • cutting it out
    • removal
    • incision 
  13. -ism
    • condition
    • process 
  14. -itis
  15. -osis
    abnormal condition
  16. -tomy
    • process of cutting into
    • incision
  17. -logy
    study of
  18. dys-
    • bad 
    • painful
    • difficult
    • abnormal
  19. hyper-
    • excessive
    • more than normal
    • too much
  20. hypo-
    • below
    • less than normal
    • too little 
  21. sub-
    • below
    • under 
  22. Endocrine Glands
    Exocrine Glands
    Types of glands that secrete chemicals
  23. Endocrine Glands: 
    Glands that release hormones that travel within the body to effect other organs and tissues
  24. Exocrine Glands:
    Glads that release chemicals through ducts to the outside of the body
  25. Diagnosis
    the complete knowledge gained after examining and performing tests on a patient
  26. Prognosis
    • Predicition made after the diagnosis
    • Used to forecast and describe the likely outcomes of an illness 
  27. Carcinoma
    Examples of malignant (Cancerous) tumors
  28. Carcinoma
    Cancerous tumor arising from cells that line the internal organs of the body
  29. Sarcoma
    Cancerious tumor arising from the connective tissues (bone, cartalige, fat)
  30. Anemia
    Conditions of the blood
  31. Anemia
    involves  a deficiency of red blood cells or the hemoglobin with the red cells. 
  32. Leukemia
    a cancerous condition involving an increased number of abnormal white blood cells. 
  33. Leukocytosis
    a slightly increase in the number of white blood cells as a response to an infection
  34. Laparotomy
    procedures that involve the abdomen
  35. Laparotomy
    a large incision to explore or remove organs and tissue
  36. Laparoscopy
    visual examination of the abdomen using small incisions and the insertion of instruments including a lapaoscope to view and operate on organs and tissue
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