Isee vocablulary

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  1. abase
    lower in rank, prestige, or esteem
  2. abrogate
    to end or annul, especially by authority
  3. advocate
    a person supporting an idea, or causing publicity
  4. aggrandize
    to increase in size, to make something appear greater
  5. allay
    to reduce, usually pain or a problem
  6. amalgamation
    a mixture
  7. ambulatory
    changing position, to be able to move under one's own power
  8. arbitrator
    a settler of dispute
  9. atrophy
    the state of disintegration, or wasting away
  10. authoritorian(adj)
    tyrannical, severe, domineering, strict
  11. brazen
    very bold, brash
  12. brusque
    surly, curt
  13. callous
    cruel, insensitive
  14. choreography
    the art/result of creating dance and ballet
  15. clairvoyant
    intuitive, psychic
  16. commodious
    spacious, ample
  17. conduit
    a passage
  18. connotation
    implication, suggestion
  19. conspicous
    important, prominent
  20. contempt
    disdain, disrespect
  21. contusion
    a bruise, injury
  22. convalescence
    the gradual return to health after sickness
  23. corpulent
    fat, chubby
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