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  1. 11 (Cadogan Gardens) Hotel
    cadogan gardens
  2. @venue Restaurant
    saint james's street
  3. Abracadabra Restaurant
    jermyn street
  4. American Bar SW1
    saint james's place/stafford hotel
  5. Apollo Victoria Theatre
    wilton road
  6. Apple Tree Yard
    duke of york street
  7. Army & Navy Club
    saint james's square
  8. Athenaeum Club
    waterloo place
  9. Austria Embassy
    belgrave mews west
  10. Banqueting House
  11. Belgium Embassy
    grosvenor crescent
  12. Belgravia Police Station
    buckingham palace road
  13. Berkeley Hotel
    wilton place
  14. Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd Wine Merchants
    saint james's street
  15. Billy Elliot
    victoria street/victoria palace theatre
  16. Blue Cross Animal Hospital SW1
    hugh street
  17. Boisdale Restaurant SW1
    eccleston street
  18. Bolivia Embassy
    eaton square
  19. BP Headquarters
    saint james's square
  20. Buckingham Palace
    constitution hill
  21. Burberry HQ
    dean ryle street/horseferry road
  22. Cabinet War Rooms
    horse guards road
  23. Cadogan Hall
    sloane terrace
  24. Cadogan Hotel
    sloane street
  25. Cadogan Square
    pont street
  26. Caledonian Club
    halkin street
  27. Carlton Club
    saint james's street
  28. Cenotaph
  29. Channel 4 TV
    horseferry road
  30. Charles De Gaulle Memorial
    carlton gardens
  31. Chatham House
    saint james's square
  32. Chelsea College of Art & Design SW1
    atterbury street
  33. Chelsea Gate Apartments
    ebury bridge road
  34. Chester Square
    elizabeth street/lower belgrave street
  35. Christies Auctions SW1
    king street
  36. Church House
    great smith street
  37. Churchill Gardens Estate
    churchill gardens road
  38. Cinnamon Club Restaurant
    great smith street/old westminster library
  39. Civil Service Club
    great scotland yard
  40. Comedy Store
    oxendon street
  41. Corinthia Hotel
    whitehall place/northumberland avenue
  42. Country Landowners Association
    belgrave square
  43. Crown Reach
    grosvenor road
  44. Crowne Plaza Hotel Saint James
    buckingham gate
  45. Daily Telegraph
    buckingham palace road
  46. De Vere Cavendish Hotel
    duke street saint jamess
  47. Denmark Embassy
    sloane street
  48. Diplomat Hotel
    chesham street
  49. Directors Lodge Club
    masons yard
  50. Dolphin Square SW1
    chichester street/grosvenor road
  51. Duchy of Cornwall
    buckingham gate
  52. Dukes Hotel
    saint james's place
  53. East India Devonshire Sports Club
    saint james's square
  54. Ebury Square
    semley place
  55. Eccleston Square
    belgrave road/saint georges drive
  56. European Parliament
    queen annes gate
  57. Fabian Society
    dartmouth street
  58. Falkland House SW1
  59. Farmers Club
    whitehall court
  60. Fifth Floor Restaurant
    sloane street/harvey nichols
  61. Forbes House SW1
    halkin street
  62. Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    king charles street
  63. Fortnum & Masons
    duke street saint jamess
  64. Fountain Restaurant
    duke street saint jamess/jermyn street
  65. France Embassy
    albert gate
  66. Franklin Hotel
    egerton gardens
  67. Gaslight Club
    duke of york street
  68. Gatwick Express
    victoria place/the raft
  69. Germany Embassy
    chesham place
  70. Ghana High Commission SW1
    belgrave square/sd west halkin street
  71. Girl Guides Association
    buckingham palace road
  72. Globe House SW1
    belgrave road
  73. Gordon Hospital
    bloomburg street
  74. Goring Hotel
    beeston place
  75. Grange Rochester Hotel
    vane street
  76. Grenadier PH
    wilton row
  77. Grey Coat Hospital Upper School
    greycoat place
  78. Grosvenor Hotel SW1
    buckingham palace road
  79. Grumbles Restaurant
    churton street
  80. Guards Museum
    birdcage walk
  81. Guoman Royal Horseguards Hotel
    whitehall court
  82. Gurkha Soldier Statue
    horse guards avenue
  83. Halkin Hotel
    halkin street
  84. Harvey Nichols
    knightsbridge/sloane street/seville street
  85. Haymarket Hotel
    suffolk place
  86. Her Majestys Theatre
  87. Heritage Lottery Fund
    holbein place
  88. Hesperia London Victoria Hotel
    bridge place
  89. Hilton Hotel Trafalgar
    cockspur street/spring gardens
  90. Hole in the Wall
    wilton road
  91. Home Office
    marsham street
  92. ICA Galleries
    the mall
  93. Iceland Embassy
    hans street
  94. In & Out Club
    saint james's square
  95. Institute of Directors
    pall mall
  96. Institute of Mechanical Engineers
    birdcage walk
  97. Ireland Embassy
    chapel street
  98. Jewel Tower
    abingdon street
  99. John Lewis HQ
    carlisle place
  100. Jollys Saint Ermins Hotel
    caxton street
  101. Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel
    cadogan place
  102. Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel
    lowndes street
  103. Just Saint James's Restaurant
    saint james's street
  104. Ken Los Memories of China SW1
    ebury street
  105. Knightsbridge Green Hotel
  106. Korea Embassy
    buckingham gate
  107. Kuwait Embassy
    albert gate
  108. La Poule Au Pot Restaurant
    ebury street
  109. Lancaster House SW1
    stable yard saint james's palace
  110. Lanesborough Hotel
    lanesborough place/knightsbridge
  111. Le Caprice Restaurant
    arlington street
  112. Lime Tree Hotel
    ebury street
  113. Lindsay Square
    balniel gate
  114. Lister Hospital
    chelsea bridge road
  115. Lobb Shoes
    saint james's street
  116. London Library
    saint james's square
  117. London Scottish Regiment HQ
    horseferry road
  118. Luxembourg Embassy/Consular
    wilton crescent
  119. Made in China Restaurant SW1
    great peter street
  120. Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  121. Mango Tree Restaurant
    hobart place
  122. Mark Masons Hall
    saint james's street
  123. Millbank Tower
  124. Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel
    sloane street/pavilion road
  125. Ministry of Defence
    horseguards avenue
  126. Ministry of Justice
    petty france
  127. Mint Hotel
    john islip street
  128. Mint Leaf Restaurant
    suffolk place
  129. Motcombs Restaurant
    motcomb street
  130. Mothers Union
    tufton street/mary sumner house
  131. National Audit Office
    buckingham palace road
  132. National Liberal Club
    whitehall place
  133. National Statistics Office
    drummond gate
  134. Naval & Military Club
    saint james's square
  135. New Horticultural Hall
    greycoat street
  136. New Scotland Yard
    dacre street
  137. Old Royal Horticultural Hall
    vincent square
  138. Orange Brewery PH
    pimlico road
  139. Oxford & Cambridge Club
    pall mall
  140. Page Street
    regency street/john islip street
  141. Pakistan High Commission
    lowndes square
  142. Parkinsons Disease Society
    vauxhall bridge road
  143. Passport Office
    belgrave road/globe house
  144. Pimlico Station
    rampayne street
  145. Platform 17/Victoria Station
    buckingham palace road/hole in the wall
  146. Portcullis House
    bridge street/Victoria Embankment
  147. Portugal Embassy
    wilton terrace
  148. Quaglinos Restaurant
    bury street
  149. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
    storeys gate
  150. Queen Mother Sports Centre
    vauxhall bridge road
  151. Queens Chapel
    marlborough road
  152. Queens Gallery
    buckingham gate
  153. RAF Memorial
    victoria embankment
  154. RAFT/Rail Air & Freight Terminal
    eccleston bridge
  155. Random House
    vauxhall bridge road
  156. Reform Club
    pall mall
  157. Richmond House SW1
  158. Rolls Royce Building
    buckingham gate
  159. Royal Automobile Club
    pall mall
  160. Royal College of Pathologists
    carlton house terrace
  161. Royal Court Theatre
    sloane square
  162. Royal Ocean Racing Club
    saint james's place
  163. Royal Opera Arcade
    pall mall/charles ii street
  164. Royal Overseas League
    park place
  165. Royal Society
    carlton house terrace
  166. Royal Thames Yacht Club
  167. Rubens Hotel
    buckingham palace road
  168. Saint Georges Square SW1
    grosvenor road/lupus street
  169. Saint James's Club
    park place
  170. Saint James's Hotel
    park place
  171. Saint James's Park Station
  172. Saint James's Square
    pall mall/Charles II Street/Duke of York Street/King Street
  173. Saint Johns Concert Hall
    smith square
  174. Saint Stephens Constitutional Club
    queen annes gate
  175. Salloos Restaurant
    kinnerton street
  176. Sanctuary House Hotel
    tothill street
  177. Santini Restaurant
    ebury street
  178. Savage Club
    whitehall place
  179. Scottish Church SW1
    pont street
  180. Shepherds Restaurant
    marsham street
  181. Sheraton Park Tower Hotel
    seville street/william street
  182. Sloane Club
    lower sloane street
  183. Sloane Square
    sloane street/lower sloane street
  184. Sloane Square Station
    sloane square
  185. Smith Square
    dean stanley street/Dean Trench Street/Dean Bradley Street/Gayfere Street/Lord North Street
  186. Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (Old)
    halkin street
  187. Sofitel Saint James Hotel
    waterloo place
  188. Spain Embassy
    chesham place
  189. Spencer House Museum
    saint james's place
  190. Stafford Hotel
    saint james's place
  191. Station Hotel
    vauxhall bridge road
  192. Stirling Square
    carlton gardens
  193. Sudan Embassy
    cleveland row
  194. Syria Embassy
    belgrave square
  195. Tate Britain
  196. Tattershall Castle
    victoria embankment
  197. Texas Embassy Cantina
    cockspur street
  198. Theatre Royal Haymarket
  199. Thistle Royal Horseguards Hotel
    whitehall court
  200. Three Police Officers Memorial
    hans crescent
  201. Tiffany & Co Jewellers SW1
    sloane street
  202. Tiger Tiger Bar
  203. Tophams Hotel
    ebury street
  204. Totos Restaurant SW1
    lennox gardens mews
  205. Trafalgar Studios
  206. Tramp Club
    jermyn street
  207. Tune Hotel
    westminster bridge road
  208. Turf Club
    carlton house terrace
  209. Turkey Embassy
    belgrave square
  210. Victoria Coach Station Arrivals/Rank
    eccleston place
  211. Victoria Coach Station Departures
    elizabeth street
  212. Victoria Palace Theatre
    victoria street
  213. Victoria Park Plaza Hotel
    vauxhall bridge road/wilton road
  214. Victoria Station
    terminus place
  215. Vincent Square
    vincent street/fynes street/vane street
  216. Warwick Square SW1
    saint georges drive/belgrave road
  217. Wellington Barracks
    birdcage walk/petty france
  218. Westminster Abbey
    The Sanctuary
  219. Westminster Cathedral
    ambrosden avenue
  220. Westminster City Hall
    victoria street
  221. Westminster Coroners Court
    horseferry road
  222. Westminster Gardens
    marsham street
  223. Westminster Magistrates Court
    horseferry road
  224. Westminster Pier
    victoria embankment
  225. Whites Club SW1
    saint james's street
  226. Windsor House
    victoria street
  227. Winston Churchill Memorial
    parliament square
  228. WPC Yvonne Fletcher Memorial
    saint james's square
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