Medical Terminolgy Chapter 1: Word Analysis

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  1. Hematology
    • HEMAT/O/LOGY: Study of Blood
    • Root: Hemat (Blood)
    • CV: o
    • Suffix: -logy (study of)
  2. Electrocradiogram
    • ELECTR/O/CARDI/O/GRAM: Record of the electricity in the heart
    • Root: Electr (electricity)
    • CV: o
    • Root: Cardi (heart)
    • CV: o
    • Suffix: -gram (record)
  3. Gastroenterology
    • GASTR/O/ENTER/O/LOGY: study of the stomach and intestines
    • Root: Gastr (stomach)
    • CV: o
    • Root: enter (intestines)
    • CV: o
    • Suffix: -logy (study of)
  4. Gastroscope
    • GASTR/O/SCOPE: instrument to visually examine the stomach
    • Root: Gastro (Stomach)
    • CV: o
    • Suffix: -scope (Instrument to visually examine)
  5. Gastric
    • GASTR/IC: pertaining to the stomach
    • Root: Gastr (stomach)
    • Suffix: -ic (pertaining to)
  6. Cardiac
    • CARDI/AC: pertaining to the heart
    • Root: Cardi (Heart)
    • Suffix: -ac (pertaining to)
  7. Enteritis
    • ENTER/ITIS: inflammation of the intestines
    • Root: Enter (intestines)
    • Suffix: -itis (inflammation of)
  8. Gastroenteritis
    • GASTR/O/ENTER/ITIS: inflammation of the stomach and intestines
    • Root: Gastr (stomach)
    • CV: o
    • Root: enter (intestines)
    • Suffix: -itis (inflammation)
  9. Subgastric
    • SUB/GASTR/IC: pertaining to below the stomach
    • Prefix: sub (below)
    • Root: gastr (stomach)
    • Suffix: -ic (pertaining to)
  10. Transgastric
    • TRANS/GASTR/IC: pertaining to across the stomach
    • Prefix: trans (across)
    • Root: gastr (stomach)
    • Suffix: -ic (pertaining to) 
  11. Retrogastric
    • RETRO/GASTR/IC: pertaining to behind the stomach
    • Prefix: retro (behind)
    • Root: gastr (stomach)
    • Suffix: -ic (pertaining to) 
  12. Important word parts (5)
    • Root: gives the essentail meaning of the term
    • Suffix: is the word ending
    • Prefix: is the small part added to the beginning of a term
    • Combining Vowel: connects roots to suffixes and roots to other roots
    • Combining Form: is the combination of the root & combining vowel
  13. Important rules to remember w. word analysis (3)
    • Read the meaning of medical words from the suffix to the beginning of the word and then across
    • Drop the combining vowel before a suffix that starts with a vowel
    • Keep the combining vowel between word roots, even if the scoend root begins w. a vowel

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Medical Terminology Chapter 1: Word Analysis
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