Medical Terminology: Chapter 1: Answers & Exercises H (pg27)

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  1. autopsy
    Examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
  2. hyperthyroidism
    excessive activity of the thyroid gland
  3. anemia
    deficiency of hemoglobin or numbers of red blood cells; literally "no" (AN-) "blood" (-EMIA)
  4. dysentery
    Condition of painful intestines; marked by inflammation, abdominal pain, and frequent and bloody stools and often caused by bacteria
  5. endocrine glands
    Organs that produce (secrete) hormones directly into the bloodstream
  6. hypoglycemia
    blood coniditon of decreaed sugar (lower than normal levels)
  7. exocrine glands
    Orangs that produce (secrete) chemicals to the outside of the body (through tubes or ducts)
  8. resection
    removal (excision) of an organ or structure
  9. transdermal
    pertaining to through the skin
  10. hyperglycemia
    Blood condition of increased sugar (high than normal levels)
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