Medical Terminology: Chapter 1: Answers & Exercises L (Pg30-31)

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  1. Selma ate a spicy meal at an Indian resturant. Later that night she experienced (osteoarthritis, dermatitis, gastroenteritis). Fortunately the cramping and diarrhea subsided by morning.
  2. Christina was feeling veyr sluggish, both physically and mentally. Her hair seemed coarse, she had noticed weight gain in the past weeks, and she had hot and cold intolerance. Her internist ordered a blood test that revealed low levels of a hormone normally secreted from a gland in the neck. She was referred to a specialist, a/an (gynecologist, endocrinologist, pathologist). The physican ordered a blood test that confirmed low levels of the hormone. The diagnosis of (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, psychosis) was thus made, and proper treatment prescribed.
    • endrocrinologist
    • hypothyroidism¬†
  3. Dr. Fisher examined the lump in Bruno's thigh. An imaging techinque using magnetic waves and radio signals (MRI Scan) revealed a suspicious mass in the soft connective tissue of the thigh. Suspecting a cancerious mass of flesh tissue, or (hematoma, carcinoma, sarcoma), Dr. Fisher ordered a/an (prognosis, biopsy, autopsy), of the mass.
    • sarcoma
    • biopsy¬†
  4. On her seventh birthday, Susie fell down during her birthday party. Her mother noticed bruises on Susie's knees and elbows that seemed to "come up overnight." Her pediatrician ordered a blood test, which demonstrated a decreased platelet count and an elevated (leukocyte, erythrocyte, thrombocyte) count at 40,000 cells. Susie was referred to a/an (dermatologist, nephrologist, oncologist), who made a disgnosis of (hepatitis, anemia, leukemia).
    • leukocyte
    • oncologist
    • leukemia
  5. When Mr. Saluto collapsed and died while eating dinner, the family requested a/an (laparotomy, gastroscopy, autopsy) to determine the cause of death. The (hermatologist, pathologist, gastroenterolgist) discovered that Mr. Saluto had died of a (cardiovascular accident, dysentery, cerebrovascular accident), otherwise known as a stroke.
    • autopsy
    • pathologist
    • cerebrovascular accident
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