Nutrition Digestion

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  1. What are the 2 types of digestion
    • chemical
    • mechanical
  2. Primary control of the digestive track comes from
    parasympathetic nervous system
  3. What 3 things help regualte the digestive tract
    • Nerual
    • hormones
    • paracrine secreations
  4. What hormones help to regulate the digestive tract
    insulin, glucagon, and cortisol
  5. What is the end product of carbs
  6. What is the end product of proteins
    amino acids
  7. What is the end product of lipids
    glycerol and fatty acids
  8. What stimulates mechanical digestion
    food in the mouth
  9. Where does chemical digestion begin
    in the mouth with saliva enzymes
  10. What does saliva contain and what does it break down
    • amylase
    • starches
  11. What is the formed in the mouth by the food and saliva
  12. What closes over the trachea to prevent food from entering the lungs
  13. muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomch
  14. What is the movement that helps bolus travel through the esophagus to the stomach
  15. What controls the movement of bolus into the stomach
    cardiac sphincter
  16. What is intrinsic factor essential for
    vitamin B12 absorption
  17. Where is intrinsic factor released
  18. What gets released from the stomach
    • intrinsic factor
    • gastrin
  19. Where does protein digestion begin
  20. What is the bolus called once it has entered the stomach and mixed with the gastric secreations
  21. What secreates the gastric juices
    cheif cells of the gastric glands
  22. What enzyme begins the protein digestion in the stomach
  23. What is gastric juice composed of
    • water
    • mucus
    • hydrochloric acid
    • pepsin
  24. What are the functions of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice
    • kill bacteria
    • stops amylase
    • activates pepsin to start protein digestion
  25. How is secreation of the gastric juices controlled
    autonomic nervous system and hormones
  26. What releases chyme into the small intestine
    pyloric sphincter
  27. What is the main site for chemical digestion of food
    small intestine
  28. What is the main site for absorption
    small intestine
  29. What aids in reabsorption in the small intestine
    villi and microvilli
  30. What secreations come from the small intestine
    • secretin
    • cholecystokinin
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