Naloxone Hydrochloride

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  1. Class
    Narcotic Antagonist
  2. Pharmacology and Action
    Competes and displaces narcotic molecules from opiates receptors in the brain. It blocks the effects of both natural and synthetic narcotics and may reverse respiratory depression.
  3. Indication
    To reverse the effects of narcotic overdose; coma of unkown orgin
  4. Contraindications
    None in the emergency setting
  5. Precautions and Side Effects
    • - Increase BP
    • - Increase Respiration
    • - Tachycardia
    • - Drowsiness
    • - Tremors
  6. Dosage (Adlut)
    • 0.4mg-2mg IV / IO / IM may repeat 2-3 mins as needed
    • 2.0-2.5mg ET (USE CAUTION WITH THE ET PT)
  7. Dosage (Pediatric)
    0.01mg/kg IV/ IO/ IM may repeat 2-3 mins as needed
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Naloxone Hydrochloride
Naloxone Hydrochloride
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