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  1. This states that no two species can inhabit exactly the same ecological niche simultaneously and continuously and doesn't relate to predator and prey.
    the competitive exclusion principle
  2. Predator and prey populations exert intense selective pressure on one another, resulting in ______
  3. Which of the following is a characteristic of a climax community?
    It is composed almost entirely of pioneer species.
    The climax community perpetuates itself.
    This community is entirely abiotic.
    It is undergoing recurring disturbances. 
    The climax community perpetuates itself. This is true as long as it is not disturbed by external forces, such as fire.
  4. Visualize a lake surrounded by a forest. Over time sediments washing into the lake cause the lake to shrink and succession occurs around the edges. What will be the effect of succession over a long period of time?
    • A meadow is formed with trees growing around the meadow's edges.
    • In forests, meadows may be produced by lakes undergoing succession. 
  5. Which factor most likely speeds up the process of secondary succession on an abandoned farm in the southeastern United States?
    • a thick layer of soil
    • The soil was produced over many years of primary succession of soil-producing species, such as mosses, bluebell, and yarrow. 
  6. What effect do chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have on the stratosphere?
    • Chlorine atoms released from this molecule catalyze the breakdown of stratospheric ozone.
    • CFCs are gases that were used widely in the production of foam plastic, as coolants in refrigerators and air conditioners, as aerosol spray propellants and as cleansers for electronic parts. 
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