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  1. What are the 2 divisions of the Enteric Nervous System
    Myenteric (Auerbach's)

    smooth muscle

    • Submucosal (Meissner's)
    • secretion and absorption
    • local blood flow
    • neuroimmune
    • prominent in small intestine
  2. Paraympathetic Innervation of the Enteric Nervous System
    vagus and pelvic nerves

    large ratio of preganglionic to post ganglionic nerve fibers
  3. Sympathetic Innvervation of Enteric Nervous System
    Collateral ganglia- Celiac, Superior mesenteric, Inferior mesenteric

    induces relaxation generally

    excitatory at some sphincters
  4. Functions of Enteric Nervous System
    Control blood flow, in concert with CNS

    CNS can redirect blood flow in times of need

    • regulates glands within the GIT
    • CN X: HCl, pepsinogen, pancreatic enzyme
    • pancreatic islet cells: insulin, somatostatin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide
  5. Eccrine glands
    on body surfaces, more on palms/soles

    secrete water and electrolytes

    dual innervation- muscarinic and adrenergic

    sweat more when you are nervous
  6. Apocrine Glands
    located on axilla, breast, eyelids, anogenital area

    secretes mucoid substance

    primarily adrenergic receptors
  7. GABA
    inhibitory in CNS

    Benzodiazapines- GABA agonists
  8. Nitric Oxide
    stimulated by: Ach, norepi, bradykinins, thrombin, ATP, vasopressins

  9. Enkephalins
    secreted by GIT and brain

    bind to opioid receptors

    preferentially bind to gamma receptors
  10. Endorphins
    modulate pain

    bind to u receptor
  11. Substance P

    pain in peripheral nerves
  12. Alpha1 receptors

    • dilator muscle=dilated eye
    • blood vessels
    • sphincters
    • uterine muscles
    • ejaculate
  13. Beta1 receptors
    Heart = increase HR and contractility

    Kidneys= production of renin
  14. Beta2

    increase cAMP

    • =relaxes smooth muscle
    • dilates bronchioles
    • vasodilator
    • relax bladder
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