System Requirements and Performance Specs

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  1. Prior to begining the development process for configuring a security system, consider the following points:
    • 1-  Facility characterization
    • 2-  Procedures and policies of the organization
    • 3-  Threat levels
  2. Adversary Classification:
    • Insider
    • Outsider
    • Collusion
  3. Facility characterization
    In-Depth description of the facility
  4. What are Natural Hazards?
    • Hurricanes
    • Fire
    • Siesmic
  5. What are Man-made or Human initiated threats?
    • Civil disturbances
    • Criminal acts
    • Industrial accidents
    • Terrorism
  6. What are the five aggressor categories?
    • Criminals
    • Vandals or Activists
    • Extremists (radicals)
    • Protestors (only if non violent)
    • Terrorists
  7. What are the types of terrorists?
    • CONUS (in US)
    • OCONUS (outside US)
    • Paramilitary
  8. What is DBT?

    Hint:  Max credible threat to specific asset
    • Design
    • Basis
    • Threat
  9. DHS
    Department of Homeland Security
  10. HSAS
    Homeland Security Advisory System
  11. NTAS
    National Terrorism Advisory System
  12. Design criteria focuses on the performance features and what else?
    Details constraints of the system such as "codes", "standards" and "cost".
  13. What are the two types of design criteria?
    Feature based & Performance based
  14. What are the measures checked for Performance Based Systems?
    • Component Performance
    • System Performance
    • System Modeling
  15. CDP
    Critical Detection Point
  16. ASDs
    Adversary Sequence Diagrams
  17. EASI
    Estimation of Adversary Sequence Interruption
  18. ASD
    Adversary Sequence Diagrams
  19. What percent of the time should a security system be fully operational?
  20. UL
    Underwriters Laboratory
  21. The security system as a whole, must be ______________?
  22. COTS

    Hint:  Regarding Equipment
    Commercial Off The Shelf
  23. When an organization calls a technician from somewhere of their own choosing, what type of maintenace agreement would this be?
    A "Billed Work Agreement"
  24. If an organization has a contract with a Maintenance company to come out whenever needed, what type of maintenance agreement is this?
    A "Full Service Contract"
  25. ADA
    Americans with Disability Act
  26. What are the 8 phases to the PPS Implementation Process?
    • 1- Planning
    • 2- Design
    • 3- Estimation
    • 4- Procurement
    • 5- Installation and Operation
    • 6- Training
    • 7- Testing and Warranty
    • 8- Maintenance and Replacement
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