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  1. The grass minimum thermometer uses what liquid?
  2. A thermistor thermometer registers a change in what to show temp change?
    Electrical Resistence
  3. Surface Temp is measured at a height of what?
    1.5 m  AGL
  4. Solar radiation contains what 3 types of energy?
    Ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared energy
  5. Solar radiation approaching earth is subjected to (?) from clouds, and (?) from particles in the atmosphere?
    Reflection, scattering
  6. The 4 constituents that have a high capacity to absorb terrestrial radiation are?
    • Water Vapour,
    • Cloud droplets,
    • Carbon Dioxide,
    • Ozone 
  7. Warming of the lower levels of the atmosphere is achieved from (above by the sun/below by the earth?) through (?) Radiation, and (?) and (?)
    Terrestrial radiation,

    Conduction and convection 
  8. During the night, conduction (continues/ceases?) and convection (continues/ceases?) so that (cooling/warming?) of the atmosphere takes place.
    conduction continues,

    convection ceases,

  9. NZ has a (?) climate, with the annual range of temperature between ? and ? degrees

    10 & 20 degrees. 
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