Juvenile Delinquency

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  1. Demonology
    The devil made me do it.
  2. Utilitarian
    Bentham (economist) Maximize benefit minimize cost
  3. Classical
    Becaria "let punishment fit the crime."
  4. Biological Positivism 
    Lambroso (atavastic) skull shape, arm length: physical characterisitcs. 
  5. Sociobiological
    Combination of inherit. Psyological and social
  6. Biological-body typing
    Sheldon and Gluck. Endomorphic, Mesomorphic, Ectomorphic
  7. Psycho-Analysis
    Freud. Id, Ego, Super Ego. 
  8. Sociological
    Durkheim. social concept determines who become.
  9. Social Structure - classification
    Macro for the group. ex)social disorganization
  10. Social disorganization
    Shaw & Mckay. Economic disperity leads to delinquency.
  11. Strain
    Merton. They feel a strain to achieve goals
  12. Social Process- classification
    Micro. ex)differential association
  13. Drift
    Matza and Sikes. Wander across the line wander back. everyone has a little deviance we can wander to it and from it but it still doesn't make you bad. (Techniques of Neutralization-make ourselves feels better about drifting) 
  14. Differential Association
    Sutherland. By associating with a different culture you take on there values.
  15. Social Control
    Hirschi. Lack of respect for authority, people need to be controlled more. 
  16. Labeling
    Becker. You become the label.
  17. Neoclassical
    James Q. Wilson. Take the classical to the next level. Don't just let the punishment fit the crime but increase the punishment so there wont be crime.
  18. Feminist-Gender Role
    Freda Adler. Immitation of male roles. confusion. If men is involved in socialization of daughter, she is more likely to commit crime.
  19. Radical (conflict theory)
    Marx. Tensions between upper class and lower class. 
  20. Sexual Offenders
    Most of them have been sexually abused.
  21. Meagan's law
    Registration of sex offenders; every state needs to have a registry.
  22. Diversion
    Oppurtunity to take you out of the criminal system if you do what you are told.
  23. Nine Priority problems (name 5)
    • Fronting
    • Lying
    • Aggravates others
    • Authority
    • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Misleads others
    • Easily Mislead
    • Easily Angered
    • Stealing 
  24. Care and Concern
    Juvenile expect to have this for each other in ppc.
  25. Four Steps to PPC
    • Casing
    • Limit Testing
    • Polarization
    • PPC (positive peer culture) 
  26. TFAC
    Thinking for a Change (cognitive)
  27. Behavior Modifacation (B-Mod)
    Skinner. Reward good behavior and punish bad. (change behavior).
  28. Cognitive
    Thinking ex) cognitive programs- TFAC or CSC;change way of thinking.
  29. Session
    groups to deal with things; group gets together to talk about someones issues
  30. Distribution of Power in the family
    Equal with Father having slightly more control leads to no delinquency. Every other scenario does.
  31. Glasser and Power
    Needs theorist; give a kid a little bit of power, everyone needs power this prevents delinquency
  32. Parenting style- Authoritarian
    I'm in charge. No power sharing. high rate of delinquency
  33. parenting style- Authoritative
    I'm in charge but i'm doing it with love. Power sharing.
  34. Parenting style- Permissive
    More of a friend then a parent. No authority. Do whatever.high rate of delinquency
  35. Gangs in Rexburg
    Sur 13 & Norte
  36. Way of dealing with emotions
    Dark humor (used to cope and deal with strong emotions etc...
  37. Stoners
    • cool laid back
    • not a narc
    • share your weed
    • (illegal activities) 
  38. Taggers
    • Tagging-put your name out there
    • Piecing- Masterpiecing. 
  39. Skinheads
    Usuall racist but not always
  40. Punks and Rave
    Drug of choice is ecstasy. Raves loud music and legal/illegal
  41. Cutters
    self-mutilation, stress relief
  42. Satanists
    Self worshipers
  43. Anton LeVay
    wrote satanic bible, worshiped himself, agnostic.
  44. Agnostic
    Neither except nor deny a supernatural power.
  45. Displacing
    shif responsibility for actions to something or someone else.
  46. Reverse
    Put responsibility back on their shoulders. 
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