Evidence of Evolution

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  1. - Describe using specific examples how the theory of evolution is supported by the following areas:
    • Palaeontology, including fossils
    • Biogeography
    • Comparative embryology
    • Comparative anatomy
    • Biochemistry 
  2. Palentology:
    • The study of fossils. 
    • Transitional forms: EG. Archaeopteryx which is a flying reptile and has a mixture of reptile and bird characteristics and links birds as descendants of reptiles. Has a mixture of: teeth, finger claws, feathred wings and a body tail.
    • Image Upload
  3. Biogeography:
    • The study of geographical distribution of organisms.
    • EG. Ratites (flightless birds) and continental drift.
    • Today's flightless birds suggest these birds originated from a common ancestor on gondwana
    • Also different populations evolved on isolated southern continents as they drifted apart
    • Emu - australia
    • Ostriches - south africa
    • Kiwis - new zealand
    • Rheas - south americaImage Upload 
  4. Comparative Embryology:
    • Is the comparision of the developmental stages of different species. 
    • Linking one organism to another. All living organisms share an aquatic ancestor.
    • Image Upload 
  5. Comparative Anatomy:
    • The study of similaraties and differences and differences in structure (anatomy) of living organisms that show relatedness of a species.
    • Similar ancestory - similar bone structures have developed differences due to environmental pressures.
    • EG. Humans, cats, whales and bats all have (humerous, radius and ulna, carpal, metacarpals and 5 phalanges)Image Upload
  6. Biochemistry:
    • The study of chemicals found in cells, includes the study of molecular biology and genetics. 
    • All living things contain the same macromolecules such as DNA and proteins (enxymes)Image Upload
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