Ch 12. Urinary

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  1. 1. The process of forming urine begins in the:
    glomeruli capsule "part of nephron"
  2. 2. The tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder are the:
    ureters "small canals"
  3. 3. The muscular, hollow organ that temporarily holds the urine is the:
    urinary bladder "vesic/o- or cysto-"
  4. 4. The organ whose functions are to remove waste products from the blood and aid in maintaining water and acid base balance in the body is the:
  5. 5. The root word nephr/o- in its combining form means:
  6. 6. The prefix dia- literally and actually means:
    across, through, complete, or total
  7. 7. The suffix that means nourishment or development is:
  8. 8. The suffix that means drooping, sagging or prolapsed (kidney) is:
    -ptosis "nephro/ptosis"
  9. 9. The suffix that means the loosening, dissolution, breakdown, or separation of (fluids or tissue) is:
    -lysis "hemo/lysis"
  10. 10. The diagnostic term Nephro/dexto/ptosis actually means:
    drooping kidney to the right
  11. 11. The diagnostic term Ur/emia means:
    condition of urine in the blood
  12. 12. The diagnostic term that means inflamed kidney and renal pelvis:
  13. 13. The diagnostic term that means kidney tumor or swelling:
  14. 14. The diagnostic term for a congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis is:
  15. 15. The surgical term Lithotripsy means:
    surgical crushing of a stone
  16. 16. The surgical term that means surgical fixation or repositioning of the kidney is:
  17. 17. A ureterostomy (or urostomy for short): ______________.
    All of the above
  18. 18. The diagnostic term 'Cytoscopy' literally means:
    procedure to view and examine the bladder "urine sac"
  19. 19. The diagnostic term "Polycystic Kidney Disease - PKD" refers to the kidney having multiple ____________ causing renal (refers to kidney) failure.
    sacs or blister appearing in and on the kidney
  20. 20. The diagnostic term "Stag Horn Calculus" refers to _________.
    deer antler shape - kidney stone
  21. 21. The diagnostic term "In-continence" literally means _________ and is seen with the lack of control of the bladder or the rectum.
    not contained
  22. 22. The test that measures the amount of urea in the blood is called the:
    BUN Test "Blood Urea Nitrogen Test"
  23. 23. A person with Hyper/dipsia is suffering from:
    excessive thirst
  24. 24. The procedural technique in which X-rays are taken to show an organ or tissue at a particular depth is called:
  25. 25. A Pyelo/gram is an X-ray of:
    the renal pelvis
  26. 26. A wide surgical incision of the abdomen to detect disease is called a(n):
    staging laparotomy
  27. 27. The procedural term Nephro/graph/y actually means:
    process of X-ray filming the kidney
  28. 28. The term Cysto/scop/y means:
    procedural visual examination of the bladder "procedure-exact steps"
  29. 29. The medical term that means Scanty or Slight Urination is:
  30. 30. The medical term Py/uria means:
    pus in the urine
  31. 31. The medical term hemat/uria means:
    blood in the urine - inflection or hemorrhaging
  32. 32. The medical term glycos/uria means:
    sugar in the urine - diabetes
  33. 33. The medical term that means destruction of living tissue with an electric spark is also known as (AKA):
  34. 34. The medical term for a procedure (literally means-to let down into) that uses a flexible tube-like device to withdraw or instill fluids is:
  35. 35. The term Di/urectic literally means double urine and actually means:
    agent that increases the amount of urine
  36. 36. The term Enuresis actually means:
    bedwetting or involuntary urination
  37. 37. The medical term Mictur/ation actually and literally means:
    the process of urinating or voiding urine
  38. 38. The diagnostic term Hydro/nephr/o/sis actually means:
    condition of water "actually urine 95% H2O" backing up into kidney
  39. 39. The diagnostic term Pyelo/nephr/itis literally means:
    an inflammation of the kidney and kidney pelvis
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