SOP 11 Civil Disturbance Procedure

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  1. What is the role of SAMFS at a civil disturbance? 6 points.
    • Neutralise smoke or flame devices.
    • Attend fires or reported fires.
    • Attend Hazmats.
    • Rescue of trapped or injured persons.
    • SAMFS must be seen to retain a totally neutral image.
    • SAMFS must not participate in any form of crowd or riot control.
  2. What must FAO at a civil disturbance do? 4 points.
    • Proceed priority 2 unless fire showing up.
    • Determine situation in consultation with Police Commander.
    • Advise Comms.
    • Incident Control and staging area to be sited outside disturbance area.
  3. Other considerations at a civil disturbance? 11 points.
    • Suppression of violence or protest is SAPOL responsibility.
    • Hose lines not to be used for crowd control.
    • Do not attempt to drive through crowds.
    • Level 2 PPE at all times.
    • No staff to be left on their own.
    • If staff come into contact with unknown substance immediately decontaminate.
    • Locker doors to be kept locked.
    • Locate appliance clear of crowds.
    • Ensure exit routes available at all times.
    • Ensure adequate communications available at all times.
    • Lookout for possible interference to SAMFS equipment.
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