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  1. What are heated appliances mainly used for?
    To smooth the hairs cuticle

    The flatter the cuticle the smoother the look
  2. Things to remember when using a flat iron?
    Achieve smooth sleek hair

    Think about clients hair type when flat ironing as to avoid damage

    Hair must be none dry

    • Styles include:
    • Straightening : use straightening balm and finishing serum to make hair shiny and eliminate frizz
    • Flat iron curls: use frizz serum to smooth hair while heat is applied
    • Texture patterns (zigzag/braiding) : use styling cream and a shine spray to help hair keep is shape and definition
  3. Then to remember when using a curling iron:
    Different techniques can create waves curls and volume.

    Large barrels gives volume, small barrels gives curl

    Waves are achieved by wrapping hair around barrels

    Curling sections followed by securing with metal clips can give a hot roller effect

    Smaller barrels are great for smoothing out frizz from naturally wavy hair by smoothing the cuticle
  4. What is a triple barrel iron?
    Used to achieve extreme waves in hair

    Effect similar to finger waves

    Use thermal styling products to achieve a crips look
  5. What is a crimping iron?
    Achieve a crimped effect

    Similar to braided hair after removing braids
  6. What are 3 different types of parts?
    Side part

    Classic center part

    Diagonal back part
  7. Describe a side part?
    Develops height on top which will help make thin hair appear more full

    Directs hair across top of head
  8. Describe a classic side part?
    Used mainly for oval face shapes

    Can also give wide round faces the illusion of an oval shape

    Don't use center part with prominent nose
  9. Describe a diagonal back part?
    This type of part is used to create width or height in a style
  10. Explain sectioning of hair?
    Use hair clips

    Part hair horizontally close to nape of neck using middle finger, then use clip to achieve a clean part. Twirl top section and secure with clip.
  11. What are 4 methods of blow drying hair?
    • Round brush
    • Denman
    • Wrap
    • Diffuse
  12. Most important things to remember when blow drying hair?
    Heat and tension are the most important things

    Heat and tension create movement

    Cool air sets hair

    Heat creates movement

    Tension creates a smooth and even surface
  13. Describe how to do a round brush blow out? What will the result be? Which products are best used?
    • 1. Dampen hair
    • 2. Distribute product
    • (use room lifter for added volume, nano glaze for a polished look and A straightening balm to help with shape)
    • 3. Section hair and secure hair
    • 4. Using round brush grip roots tightly. Pull downward for no volume or up and forward for volume
    • 5. Once all hair is bone dry apply finishing product
    • 6. style

    Finished result will be volume at scalp with smooth hair that curls inward at bottem
  14. Describe how to do a Denman blowout. What styling products are best used? What's the final result?
    • 1. Dampen hair and distribute product
    • (use nano glaze to give polished look and straightening balm to help achieve straight hair)
    • 2. Section hair
    • 3. Starting at nape of neck, place Denman brush at parting. Scoop hair so the rubber back and nylon teeth grip hair
    • 4. carefully continue downhair shaft until completely dry

    Result will be straight hair with little or no volume
  15. Describe how to do a wrap blow out. What products are best used. Explain final result?
    • 1. Dampen hair and distribute product
    • ( nano glaze for polished look and straightening balm to smooth hair or power dressing to add volume)
    • 2. Starting on heavier side of part, slice small section of hair. Blow dry in the opposite direction of hair growth. Keep sections clean and organized.
    • 3. Starting in top crown area blow dry small sections forward until dry. Blow dry bottem sections, opposite sides

    Hair will have medium amount of volume with nice movement
  16. Describe how to do a diffuse blow out. What products are best used? What's the final result?
    • 1. Dampen hair and apply product
    • ( use a curl activator to enhance and form curls, frizz serum to control and add definition to curls by removing frizz, a Shine spray to add shine)
    • 2. For curls, use a scrunching motion
    • 3. For volume diffuse upside down
    • 4. Use finishing product and style

    This is a more natural drying effect to achieve curls without frizz

    May be Used to set pin curls
  17. What are 3 types of braid?
    • 3 strand braid
    • French braid
    • Inverted friend braid
    • 4 strand braid/fish tail braid
  18. Explain the process of doing a 3 strand braid?
    • Divide hair into 3 equal sections
    • Pass the right strand over the middle,icing the middle section to the right
    • Keep sections separate with fingers
    • Pass the left strand over the middle, moving the middle section to the left
    • Repeat process alternating sections until hair is complete
    • Fasten with elastic
    • Finish with hairspray
  19. Explain the process of French braiding?
    • Select a frontal section at the hairline
    • Divide hair into 3 equal sections
    • Start braiding hair
    • Gather hair from each side of the head using your tail comb and incorporate it into the braid
    • Continue until hair is complete
    • Finish with spray and elastic
  20. Explain the process of a 4 strand braid?
    • Divide hair into 4 sections
    • Take the inner left section and wrap around and under
    • Take inner right section and wrap around and under
    • Repeat until you reach the end
    • Secure with elastic and spray
  21. What are two types of hair rollers?
    • Hot rollers
    • Velcro rollers
  22. Explain why you would use hot rollers?
    • Use only on dry hair
    • Provide voluminous sleek curl
    • Can achieve a lot of curl
    • Allow hot rollers to sit for at least 10 minutes
    • Can use thermal protector prior to set
    • Spray On thermal setting spray for stronger set
    • Gear when lots of bouncy curls are desired
  23. Explain why you would use Velcro rollers?
    • Used on dry hair only
    • Provides volume and waves- use when you need more volume than a round brush blow out will allow
    • Do not use on damp or wet hair as it will only snag and pull hair
  24. What are 3 parts of a roller curl?
    • Base
    • Stem
    • Curl
  25. Explain what the base of a curl is?
    • The panel of hair in which the roller is placed.
    • The base should be the same length and width as the roller.
    • Base does not affect curl, only amount of volume
    • The type of base affects the volume
    • -on base/over direct- full volume
    • - half base- medium volume
    • -off base- little to no volume
  26. Name 3 types of bases for a roller curl?
    • On base/over direct- full volume
    • Half base- medium volume
    • Off base- little to no volume
  27. Explain what the stem is on a roller curl?
    • The hair between the scalp and the first firm of the roller.
    • Gives hair direction and mobility
    • Longer= more movement
    • Shorter=less movement
  28. Explain what the curl is on a roller curl?
    • Hair that is wrapped around the roller
    • Determines size of wave or curl
    • Size of roller determines size of cuel
  29. What are 3 things to considering when choosing a roller size?
    • 1. One complete turn will create a C-shaped curl
    • 2. One and a half turns will create a wave
    • 3. Two and a half turns or more will create curl
  30. Describe the brick laying technique and why you world use it?
    Staggering sections

    • Will avoid spaces and separation
    • - hair will fall over other sections to hide the parts

    Achieve even amount of curl and body when using hot rollers, Velcro and curling iron
  31. What are the effects of setting rollers in different directions.
    Setting rollers sideways will give you more of a spiral, ringlet or wavy effect

    Rolling the hair up as opposed to down will give you a flipped effect
  32. What is a piggy back setting?
    Ideal to achieve extremely curly hair

    Ensures even wave or curl from root to end on longer hair

    Smaller rollers will help the "staying power" of a set

    Curling root first and then the end
  33. What is the purpose of back combing and how is it done?
    Give illusion of volume and fullness

    Get proper hold for updos

    Aim for fluffy and not matted

    • Steps:
    • Take a small section of hair
    • Spray with aerosol spray for best results
    • Comb small sections of Hairston ends towards the scalp, causing shorter hairs to matte at the scalp and form a cushion at the base
  34. What is back brushing?
    Use puff or paddle Betsy to create softer back combing effect

    Used to create volume and shape

    Van also use fingers for similar effect
  35. How would you style a French roll ?
    • 1. Section off crown area, clip out if the way
    • 2. Back brush in vertical sections the entire back section. Start on one side, back brush on the underside and work towards the middle. Switch sides and repeat
    • 3. Smooth hair. Using the grooming brush, gently smooth hair to one side (without losing back brushing). Secure hair on the opposite side from which you started at the occipital bone. Weave the bobby pins toward the crown to lock the hair in place
    • 4. Smooth the other side in the same way, holding the section in your left hand only. Once you have completed this, begin to barrel roll the section. Make sure to keep tension, pulling upward slightly to prevent sagging at the nape. Continue rolling until the hair tucks into the heD and secure
    • 5. Style the top section. Tuck in for a traditional French roll or style as desired
  36. How would you style a french twist?
    • 1. Brush hair smoothly into a pony tail at the occipital bone
    • 2. Twist hair inward and upwards until it tucks into the head. This will create a funnel with the hair
    • 3. Secure ponytail a finish with spray

    Remaining hair at top can be tucked in for a polished simple look or it can be designed with ribbon curls for a more formal look
  37. How would you style a chignon?
    • 1. Apply styling product that will gives lots if hold without being sticky. Set hair in Velcro rollers, depending on the amount of curl or volume you desire
    • 2. Brush hair into a low ponytail. Make sure there are no stray hairs or bumps
    • 3. Secure ponytail with an elastic band or by wrapping hair with elastic/bobbipin
    • 4. Cover the hair elastic. This can be done by taking small sections of hair from the underside of the ponytail. Wrap this small section of hair around the ponytail and secure with a bobbipin
    • 5. Back brush The ponytail on the underside and smooth out the top. Roll under and secure crossing the bobby pins for extra hole. Spray with hairspray
    • 6. Found out the ponytail on the side using your fingers secure with hairpins. Add ornamentation if desired
  38. How would you style Marcel way
    Before starting comb hair in the general shape desired. The natural growth will determine whether or not the first wave will be a left moving wave or a right moving wave

    • 1. Section and separate hair. Pick up a strand of hair about 2 inches in width. Insert iron with groove facing up one and a half inches away from Scalp
    • 2. Turn iron. Close the iron and turn 1/4 forward (away from you). As you close the iron, draw the hair with the iron about 1/4 to the left, and direct the hair in your left hand forward 1/4 inch to the right. While doing this, roll the iron one full turn forward and away from you. Keep hair uniform with a comb. Stay In this position long enough for a few seconds in order to hear hair enough to create a wave.
    • 3. Reverse movement. Open the iron and move it down just under to ridge just produced. At the same time, switch Iron so the handle is facing you.
    • 4. Draw hair upwards about 1 inch away from you to form a half circle with the hair while keeping the iron still. Keep a soft grip on hair with little tension to allow the wave to happen
    • 5. Direct hair. After completing step 4, direct hair about 1/4 inch to the right, while directing the hair in your left hand to the left. Complete one full turn upwards at the same time and hold.
    • 6. Continue alternating all the way down the section until the last inch. Curl the last inch of hair under and hold
    • 7. After completely waving one strand of hair, wave next strand to match. Include a small section of the waved strand to guide you as you form a new wave
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