S3M3 buzz words

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  1. box car nuclei
    seen in CM with LV hypertrophy
  2. "onion skin" on intima
    • hyperplastic arteriolar sclerosis
    • malignant HTN
  3. amorphus eosinophilic material
    • hyaline arteriolar sclerosis
    • benign HTN
  4. "flea bitten" kidney
    • Acute malignant HTN
    • - pinpoint hemorrhages over granular surface 
  5. granular contracted kidney
    • benign, chronic nephrosclerosis
    • -shrunken, granular and contracted kidney
  6. LV hypertrophy
    • LV thickness > 1.5 cm (concentric)
    • "box car" nuclei microscopically 
  7. Cardiomegaly
    • >400 gm in men
    • >350 gm in women
  8. CD 31 +
    angiosarcoma (malignant)
  9. intermittent obstruction of a cardiac valve
    "ball-valve" obstruction
    pedunculated cardiac myxoma (most common benign cardiac neoplasm)
  10. pain and tenderness especially on shins +/- macular rash
    Bartonella quintana
  11. papule followed by long lasting (self resolving) lymphadenopathy
    Bartonella henselae
  12. OspC
    outer surface protein of Borrelia burgdorferi when infecting humans
  13. most common benign vascular tumor
  14. von-Hippel-Lindau disease
    associated with cavernous hemangioma (liver and brain)
  15. Turner syndrome
    associated with cavernous lymphangioma (hygromas= webbed neck)
  16. equisite pain under fingernails
    benign glomus (thermoregulator) tumor
  17. port wine stain
    nevus flammeus- vascular ectasias- "birth mark"
  18. Sturge-weber syndrome
    port wine stain in trigeminal nerve distribution
  19. PVC, arsenic exposure
    Liver angiosarcoma
  20. severe bone pain with fever
    Dengue fever
  21. "sulfur granules"
    • actinomycosis or nocardia
    • (yellow granules of pus)
  22. lumpy jaw
  23. mutliple primary lung tumors
    • bronchioalveolar ca
    • (sub-type of adenoca)
  24. hypercalcemia with cancer
    squamous cell ca
  25. coin lesion
    • harmatoma
    • TB
  26. NSE+ (neuron specific enolase)
    small cell ca
  27. biphasic tissue pattern on ca
    sarcomatoid cells
    epitheloid pattern
  28. steeple sign on LCXR
  29. thumbs up sign on LCXR
  30. respiratory failure
    • PaO2<60mmHg
    • or
    • PaCO2> 50 mmHg
  31. PaO2< 60 and low or normal PaCO2
    Hypoxemic respiratory failure
  32. PaCO2>50 +/- PaO2<60
    Hypercapnic respiatory failure
  33. Osat<85%
    central cyanosis
  34. Double product
    Hr x SBP = O2 consumption = double product
  35. waxy appearance of myocardium
    cardiac amyloidosis
  36. lacy interstitial fibrosis
    dilated cardiomyopathy
  37. disorganized appearance of myocardium
    hypertrophic cardiopathy
  38. adipose tissue causing progressive displacement of cardiomyocytes==>VT==> death
    arrhythmogenic RV dysplasia
  39. nutmeg liver
  40. Atypical pneumo MCC (bacterial)
    • Mycoplasma- school kids in fall
    • Chlamydia- (elem and reticulate body)
    • Legionellla- no person to person spread
  41. Typical Pneumonia
    • Strep Pneumo
    • Haemophilus
    • Morexella
  42. fixed splitting of S2
  43. "machinery" continuous murmur
  44. inclusions in monocytes
  45. inclusions in PMNs
  46. "saddle nose"
    Wegeners granulomatosis
  47. pharyngitis + rhinitis
  48. Pharyngitis + exudate (usually without rhinitis)
  49. MCC bronchitis 
    Influenza A and B
  50. MCC croup
    • HPIV- 1-5YO 
    • Influenza A and B- >5 YO
    • RSV- <1YO
  51. MCC bronchiolitis
    • RSV- most likely Jan
    • (will show hypoxia and cyanosis)
  52. Viral pneumonia MCC adults
    • Influenza A and B
    • RSV
    • metapneumovirus
  53. Viral pneumonia MCC children
    • RSV
    • HPIV
    • Influenza A
  54. correlates with decreased viral titers
    IFN gamma
  55. sinusitis MCC
    • mostly viral 
  56. metastasis with unknown primary
    look for NP carcinoma
  57. carotid body tumor
  58. laryngoepiglottitis
    H. influenza typically
  59. most common salivary gland lesion
  60. parotid tumor with multiple cell populations
    pleomorphic adenoma
  61. rose garden pneumonia
  62. VAP MCC
    Pseudomans aeruginosa
  63. early onset neonatal pneumonia (<3 days) MCC
    • GBS (Strep agalactiae)
    • HSV-2 or Candida albicans (2MCC)
  64. MCC late onset (>3 day) neonatal pneumonia
    • S. aureus or Pseudomonas
    • Chlamydia (may present weeks later due to incubation period)
  65. bronchopneumonia with abscess
  66. bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy
  67. centroacinar emphysema
  68. panacinar emphysema
    AT-1 deficiency
  69. biferengent foreign particles
  70. honey-comb lung
    idiopathic interstitial fibrosis
  71. non-caseating granulomas + asteroids + calcified concretions (Schaumann bodies)
  72. "harmatoma" (mass) that communicates with the bronchial tree and recieves b/s from pulmonary circ
    congenital cyst
  73. lobe or segment w/o connection to bronchial tree and b/s from aorta
    bronchopulmonary sequestration
  74. polyhydramnios lung path
    congenital cyst
  75. prominent lobular markings
    suggests pulmonary edema
  76. nodule in proximal brochiole tree
    neuroendocrine tumor
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