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boi lab final
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lab final
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  1. Genetic Engineering
    The process where an organisms DNA is purposely altered
  2. Technique in which genetic engineering is acomplished
    recombinant DNA technology
  3. Recombinant DNA technology
    A gene from one organism is removed and inserted into the DNA from another organism creating a trangenic
  4. A unit of DNA that is associated with an inherited characteristic
  5. What does a gene do?
    Codes for a specific protien, which is associated with a particular function
  6. Genetic engineering is used for...
    • 1. vaccines
    • 2. insulin/Humulin
    • 3. modification of crops
    • 3. human growth hormones/Protopin
  7. GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms
    Food items that have been genetically engineered
  8. Meiosis
    • Two sequential cell divisions that result in the reproduction of the chromosome number to one-half
    • because in sexual reproduction involves the
  9. Does the FDA require GMOs to be labled?
    No so it is nearly impossible for a consumer to determine whether their food has been genetically modified
  10. Why can GMOs be bad for the consumer?
    • There is a risk of allergic reations that do not occur when consumer eats a food that is not genetically modified.
    • ex. sudden allergy to tomatoes (flavr savrtm)
  11. What causes allegies in GMOs?
    The presence of a Bt toxin. Although Bt toxin is approved by FDA it causes allergies in some consumers.
  12. Gene Therapy
    Technique in which a corrected version of the gene is delivered to cells containing the defective gene
  13. Meiosis begins with a blank cell.
    Diploid. (One of which chromosomes are present in pairs.)
  14. The diploid cell divides into four blank cells
    Haploid (one in which the chromosomes are not in pairs)