History 1301

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  1. How did the Native Americans get here?
    possibly use the Bering Land Bridge (Russia to Alaska)
  2. What compelled the Natives to do so?
    they were following food
  3. What is the Neolithic Revolution?
    invention of farming
  4. How did the Neolithic Revolution advance their civilizations?
    food stability created civilizations, then art/music, math, written language
  5. Why did the Vikings fail?
    • food shortages
    • plagues
  6. What developments in Europe allowed for expolration and colonization efforts?
    one element- centralization of political powers
  7. What motives drove the various expedition of Portugal?
    • portugal started going along the African coast
    • they made trading stations along the way
    • -diamonds, ivory, slaves
    • they were making money!!
  8. Why were Ferdinand and Isabella so anxious to fund Columbus' expedition?
    because when any person set foot on new land they were claimming it in the name of the Spanish Empire
  9. What drove the Conquistadors' endeavors?
    gold, they were always looking for gold
  10. What elements of Spain's success encouraged other European nations to colonize?
  11. Identify the Spanish expeditions of the Southwest US and their importance
  12. What was the main export from the New World to France? How did this influence French realtions with the Indians?
    • Fur
    • French with Natives was about cooperation
  13. Why did the English fail to  colonize after the cabot expeditions?
  14. Why did Henry VIII break from the Roman Catholic Church?
  15. What factors made colonization of the new world become attractive to the English in the 1570s?
  16. Why did Sir Humphrey Gilbert champion English colonization of the New World?
  17. Erik the Red
  18. Leif the Red
  19. Little Optimum
  20. Silk Road
  21. Hernan Cortes
  22. Jaques Cartier
  23. La Salle
  24. Elizabeth I
  25. Sir Walter Raleigh
  26. Roanoke Colony
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