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  1. 7th seal- motif?

    chess, death, skulls
  2. 7th seal- theme?
    raises question does god exist?

    -philopsophies on life 
  3. 7th seal- viewpoints on philopsophies in life- knight
    wants to believe in god but cant
  4. 7th seal- viewpoints on philopsophies in life- Squire
  5. 7th seal- viewpoints on philopsophies in life- Actors wife
    says life is wonderful all the time
  6. Editing
    combines one shot with another
  7. editing- cut
    cutting 2 pieces of film then pasting them together

    • -quick edit
  8. editing- fade in-out
    fades to black or white

    • -might imply more time
  9. editing- dissolve
    one shot to another
  10. editing- wipe
    boundary line moving through screen

    -mostly sporting events

    -transition between shots 
  11. editing- elliptical editing
    take out dead time on film

    ex) elevator rides 
  12. 4 dimensions in editing
    -graphic relations



  13. dimensions in editing- graphic relations
    graphic aspects of the image
  14. dimensions in editing- spatial
    establishes film spaces

    *crosscutting: one evnet to another 
  15. dimensions in editing- temporal
    flashback or flashforward
  16.  Continuity editing
    HOllywood, to tell a story

    • -not pay attention to edits
  17. After hours- motif
    20 dollar bill, telephones, sculpture, skull, women in yellow, burning/fire
  18. After hours- interpretations of movie
    -happenings: when artist meets drama

    -act might have been planned out on him

    -*alligory: sould leaves heaven to live their life, then goes back 
  19. Film moir
    " french dark film

    - film made of fatalistic, pessimistic, or cynical often dealing with melodrama with urban crime and corruption

    ex) sin city
  20. Film moir characteristics
    greek tragedy: struggle with fate

    shot on location: italian neo-relaism

    german expressionism: distroted, cygnst, subjectivty, chiascuro

    films: ganster and horror

    literature: pulps and dime novels

    something always happens to main character 
  21. German expressionism
    horror, cults, persecution of mankind by evil forces

    -distortion in charatcers

    -use of chiascuro: light/dark contrasts 
  22. narrative form
    -chain of events in cause and effect relationships

    -time is usually chronological

    -patterns of development

    • -plots are goal oriented
    •     -main character

    -cahracters have different climax

    • -has a closure
    •    -right before the end
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