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  1. Chary
    Very cautious.
  2. Skulk
    To lurk; to move secretively.
  3. Skittish
    Nervous; easily frightened.
  4. Ostracize
    To shun.
  5. Zeal
    Intense passion or enthusiasm.
  6. Blanket
    Applying to all conditions or instances.
  7. Grotesque
    Strangely or absurdly distorted.
  8. Elucidate
    To make something clear; to clarify.
  9. Shade
    A small variation, a nuance; a small amount.
  10. Vogue
    Prevailing Fashion.
  11. Buoy
    To keep afloat; to raise the spirits of.
  12. Resilient
    Able to recover quickly (from bending or illness).
  13. Coalesce
    To grow together; to merge into a single body.
  14. Wreak
    To inflict; to cause (something bad).
  15. Diverge
    To depart from a set course of opinion.
  16. Hierarchy
    A ranking according to status or ability; a group having authority.
  17. Become
    To be appropriate or suitable to; to look good with.
  18. Furrow
    A trench in the earth made by a plow; a wrinkle.
  19. Dilute
    To lessen the concentration, force or purity of by adding something.
  20. Eclat
    Great brilliance, as of performance or achievement; conspicuous success.
  21. Quixotic
    Foolishly idealistic; extravagantly chivalrous.
  22. Posterity
    Future generations.
  23. Maverick
    One who rebels; a nonconformist; an individualist.
  24. Detriment
    Injury or damage.
  25. Homely
    Unattractive, plain looking.
  26. Slovenly
    Careless about one's own appearance.
  27. Scion
    An heir; a descendant.
  28. Recluse
    One who hides from the world.
  29. Fathom
    To measure the depth of; to understand.
  30. Draconian
    Extremely harsh and severe.
  31. Demure
    Coy; modest, reserved.
  32. Perpetuity
    A state of infinite or indefinitely long duration.
  33. Lore
    Knowledge about a particular subject, especially of a traditional or popular nature
  34. Piquant
    Agreeable pungent or sharp in taste, tart, agreeably stimulating or interesting.
  35. Waggish
    Mischievous; playful.
  36. Elysian
    Heavenly or delightful.
  37. Waif
    A person without home or friends.
  38. Gauge
    An instrument for measuring or testing; to measure.
  39. Fluctuate
    To move back and forth or up and down. especially unpredictably.
  40. Repose
    Relaxation; a state of rest.
  41. Shard
    A fragment of a brittle substance, glass or pottery; a small piece of something.
  42. Insidious
    Subtly harmful; stealthy, sneaky.
  43. Rift
    A break in friendly relations.
  44. Clamber
    To crawl or climb with difficulty, especially on all fours.
  45. Dapper
    Neat and trim in appearance.
  46. Xenophobia
    Fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.
  47. Improvise
    To do without preparation.
  48. Palpable
    Capable of being handled, touched or felt; easily percieved.
  49. Affluence
  50. Tender
    To offer formally; a legal offer; something, especially money offered as payment.
  51. Stamina
    Resistance to fatigue or hardship; endurance.
  52. Deranged
    Mentally disturbed.
  53. Baffle
    To frustrate, as by confusing.
  54. Milestone
    An important event.
  55. Beleaguered
    Harassed; besieged.
  56. Dynasty
    A succession of rulers or people in power from the same family.
  57. Vantage
    A position that gives a wide view.
  58. Voluble.
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