CH 10: Part IV

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  1. major depression
    • feelings of worthlessness, fatigue, loss of interest
    • disturbances in mood
  2. dysthymia
    chronic depression lasting at least 2 years
  3. manic depression
    bipolar disorder
    affective disorder characterized by mood swins of mania/depression
  4. seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
    Episodes of depression occuring seasonaly; in the fall and winter
  5. gerneralized anxiety disorder
    • most common anxiety disorder
    • chronic worry about everyday problems, inability to relax
    • does not interfere with social interactions or emplyment
  6. panic disorder (PD)
    • sudden attacks of intense feeling-loss of control-often that death is imminent
    • physical symptoms mimic a hear attack
  7. posttraumatic stress disorder
    results from an extreme traumatic experience
  8. obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • anxiety disorder
    • senseless obsessions, repeated cmpulsions, interfering with daily life
  9. hypochondriasis
    preoccupation with toughts of disease
  10. autism
    • developmental disability
    • difficulty with verbal/nonverbal communication, inability to relate
  11. dyslexia
    difficulty understanding written or spoken words
  12. attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
    hyperactivity, impulsive, lack of control
  13. anorexia nervosa
    bulima nervosa
    substance abuse disorders
  14. schizophrenia
    • disease of brain chemistry
    • disorted perception of one's environment
  15. psychotherapy
    treatment of psychiatric disorders using verbal and nonverbal interactions with patients
  16. behavioral therapy
    techniques to decrease or stop unwated behavior
  17. congnitive therapy
    treatment to change unwanted patterns of thinking
  18. psychotropic drugs
    medications used to treat mental illness
  19. antianxiety agents
    anxiolytic agents
    drugs used to reduce anxiety
  20. neuroleptic agents
    drugs used to treat psychosis-schizophrenia
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