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  1. Opportunist
    One who takes advantage of every opportunity, whether or not it is moral to do so.
  2. Uncanny
    Strangely unsettling, as if of supernatural origin.
  3. Proximity
  4. Embed
    To fix in a surrounding mass.
  5. Adapt
    To adjust to a new situation or environment; to change.
  6. Throe
    A spasm of pain; strong yearning.
  7. Egalitarian
    Of the belief that all people should have equal rights.
  8. Consecrate
    To make or set apart as sacred.
  9. Demeanor
    Outward behavior, especially that reveals one's personality or attitude.
  10. Debris
    Bits and pieces of rubbish.
  11. Caustic
    Capable of burning or corroding by chemical reaction.
  12. Exonerate
    To find blameless.
  13. Amorphous
    Without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized.
  14. Rambunctious
    Very loud and disorderly.
  15. Censure
    To criticize severely.
  16. Ecstasy
    State of overwhelming joy; rapture.
  17. Insinuate
    To hint.
  18. Domain
    A territory or range of rule or control.
  19. Desultory
    Lacking a plan or purpose; unmethodical.
  20. Gross
    Total, entire; glaringly obvious, flagrant.
  21. Boycott
    To refuse to buy, sell or use.
  22. Climax
    The point of greatest intensity, which marks the end of an ascending process.
  23. Manifest
    Obvious; very clear; evident.
  24. Startum
    A level or layer.
  25. Effect
    To bring out.
  26. Covenant
    A binding agreement.
  27. Leery
    Suspicious; distrustful.
  28. Prognosticate
    To predict.
  29. Permeate
    To spread or flow throughout.
  30. Interstices
    Small spaces between things.
  31. Vociferous
    Loud and vehement.
  32. Pulpit
    A podium used for preaching.
  33. Patron
    A sponsor; a supporter; a reglar customer.
  34. Vapid
    Lacking interest, animatino, or flavor.
  35. Polyglot
    One who speaks many languages; speaking many languages.
  36. Penchant
    A strong liking.
  37. Agrarian
    Related to farming.
  38. Shrewd
    Clever in practical matters; cunning.
  39. Debut
    A first appearance before the public.
  40. Pummel
    To beat, as with the fists.
  41. Demographics
    The distribution of human population groups.
  42. Inordinate
    Excessive, unrestrained.
  43. Egregious
    Outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad.
  44. Flamboyant
    Extravagant; showy.
  45. Prodigal
    Exceedingly or recklessly wasteful.
  46. Requisite
    Needed; necessary.
  47. Ponderous
    Clumsy and heavy; boring and labored.
  48. Pecuniary
    Of or involving money.
  49. Tawdry
    Tastelessly showy.
  50. Visceral
    Instinctive; relating to the internal organs.
  51. Tantamount
    Equivalent in effect or value.
  52. Disconcert
    To make confused or uneasy.
  53. Buttress
    To prop up or support.
  54. August
    Inspiring awe or admiration, especially because of high rank or character.
  55. Fervent
    Passionate; eager; earnest.
  56. Forlorn
    Appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful condition; almost without hope.
  57. Leaven
    To add yeast; to fill something with a substance that changes it or makes it lighter.
  58. Latitude
    Freedom from normal limitations; room for movement or action.
  59. Capricious
    Erratic; tending to change abruptly.
  60. Urban
    Relating to a city.
  61. Vicarious
    Felt as if one were taking part in the experiences of another.
  62. Hue
    A shade of color.
  63. Amalgamate
    To blend together into one; to unite.
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