EN6 Condiments & Misc

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    • Flavor: sweet
    • Nature: warm
    • Function:
    • -nourish Middle Jiao, ease spasms
    • -harmonize Blood and activated stagnation of Blood
    • Application:
    • -for abdominal pain and excessive bleeding after childbirth
    • -for menstrual cramps due to pathogenic cold invasion
    • Notes:
    • -should not use for patients with damp accumulation
    • -patients with diabetes, obesity or high blood fat should consider portion control of this
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    • Flavor: sour & sweet
    • Nature: neutral
    • Function:
    • -assist digestion
    • -disperse Blood Stasis and arrest Bleeding
    • -detoxify
    • Application:
    • -for poor appetite, nausea and vomiting due to food retention
    • -for abdominal pain due to hard masses
    • -for ST discomfort caused by mild food poisoning
    • -for prevention of flu or common cold
    • Notes:
    • -should not use for patients with damp accumulation ans spasm of tendons
    • -patients with ST ulcers or excessive ST acid should avoid
    • -should not take with Fu Ling / Dan Shen
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    • Flavor: pungent
    • Nature: warm
    • Function:
    • -warm Middle Jiao, stop vomiting
    • -warm LU and stop cough
    • -expel wind-cold
    • Application:
    • -for epigastric and abdominal pain due to cold invasion of the ST or Def Cold of SP & ST
    • -for poor appetite, nausea and vomiting due to SP & ST disharmony
    • -for cough due to Cold / Cold-Phlegm in the LU
    • -for fever, aversion to cold, headache, nasal obstruction due to Wind-Cold common cold
    • Note:
    • -should not used for patients with Internal Heat and Def Yin
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    • Flavor: pungent
    • Nature: warm
    • Function:
    • -warm the Middle Jiao
    • -disperse cold
    • -warm and activate the channels & collaterals
    • Application:
    • -for poor appetite due to weakness of the SP & ST
    • -for epigastric pain and abdomina pain, vomiting or diarrhea due to Def Cold of SP & ST
    • -for Bi-syndrome, traumatic injuries, menstrual pain or abdominal pain after childbirth due to Cold pathogen obstructing the channels & collaterals
    • Note:
    • -should not be used for patient with Internal Heat or Yin Def
    • -should not use for pregnant women (very moving)
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    • Flavor: sweet
    • Nature: warm
    • Function:
    • -reinforce the Middle Jiao and tonify Def
    • -generate body fluids and moisten dryness
    • Application:
    • -for fatigue, abdominal spasmoidc pain due to SP & ST Def
    • -for dry cough, cough with blood due to LU Def
    • -for thirst, sore throat, and constipation due to dryness
    • Note:  
    • -fermented from grains such as rice, wheat, millet or maize
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    • Flavor: slight bitter, sweet
    • Nature: cool
    • Function:
    • -clear Heat and detoxify
    • -aid digestion
    • -promote urination
    • -refresh Mind
    • Application:
    • -for scanty and difficulty urination due to heat retention'
    • -for poor appetite and abdominal distention due to indigestion
    • -for drunken hangover
    • -for bacterial dysentery and acute or chronic gastritis
    • -for obesity, high blood lipids, and high cholesterol
    • -for prevention of cancer
    • Notes:
    • -should not be used excessively for patients with insomnia and palpitations
    • -should not be used for patients with chronic constipation and ST problems
    • -taken over night is not advised
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    • Flavor: pungent, bitter, sweet
    • Nature: warm
    • Function:
    • -Expel Cold
    • -Invigorate Blood and promote Blood circulation
    • Appilcation:
    • -for Wind-Cold-Damp Bi-syndrome
    • -for Blood Bi-syndrome
    • Note:  
    • -should not be used for damp-heat / phelgm-heat, loss of blood, and Yin Def
    • -fermented form rice, millet, maize, sorghum and distiller's yeast
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