Final Approach Segment

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  1. Where is the desired point of intersection of the final approach course and the runway centerline, in a straight-in approach using an off-airport facility?

      A.  Threshold
      B.  3000 FT.
      C.  5200 FT.
    A.  Threshold
  2. If a proposed approach does not meet criteria for straight-in:

      A.  No approach is developed
      B.  A circling approach is developed
      C.  A waiver must be requested
    B.  A circling approach is developed
  3. A course reversal is required for all No-FAF Standard Instrument Approach Procedures (SIAPS).

      A.  True
      B.  False
    A.  True (FAAO 8260.3, C. 4/6, par. 400)
  4. What type of course reversal will be required for an on airport No-FAF low altitude SIAP?

      A.  Procedure Turn
      B.  Teardrop
      C.  Holding Pattern
    A.  Procedure Turn (FAAO 8260.3, C. 4/6, par. 411)
  5. What is the category A and B maximum angle of divergence between the final approach course and the runway centerline extended for a straight-in SIAP?

      A.  20 degrees
      B.  30 degrees
      C.  40 degrees
    B.  30 degrees (FAAO 8260.3, C. 4/5/6/7, par. 413a)
  6. What is the required obstacle clearance for the straight-in primary area for an NDB No-FAF SIAP?

      A.  250 FT
      B.  300 FT
      C.  350 FT
    C.  350 FT (FAAO 8260.3, C. 6, par. 613c)
  7. Where is the missed approach point for a No-FAF SIAP?

      A.  Runway threshold
      B.  Facility
      C.  First usable landing surface
    B.  Facility (FAAO 8260.3, C. 4/6, par. 414)
  8. What are the limits of arc radius for a TACAN low altitude approach final segment?

      A.  7 - 30 MILES
      B.  15 - 30 MILES
      C.  NO LIMITS
    A.  7 - 30 MILES 
  9. What is the total width of the obstruction clearance area for a TACAN arc final segment?

      A.  4 MILES
      B.  8 MILES
      C.  12 MILES
    C.  12 MILES
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