Nutrition CHO, diets, health effects

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  1. What type of CHO diet would:
     raise plasma triglycerides
    drop HDL
    displace essential FA, vitamins, and minerals
    elevate blood glucose
    increase demand on beta cells for insulin
    increase added sugar intake
    a high CHO diet
  2. What type of CHO diet would:
    replace CHO with fatty food or high protein
    diplace intake of fruit, veggies,whole grain, and fiber
    low CHO
  3. Disorder of CHO metabolism characterized by hyperglycemia from defective of deficent insulin
  4. What would an elevated glucose level be for a person who is hyperglycemic
    over 120mg/dl
  5. In which diabetes does the pancreas still produce some insulin
    type 2
  6. What are strong risk factors for type 2 diabetes
    • obestity
    • physical inactivity
  7. Describe what is happening to a person with daibetes
    • no insulin or not enough
    • glucose can't be oxided
    • body thinks it doesn't have glucose
    • starts to break down fats & protein
    • leads to accumulation of ketones and nitrogen
  8. What are the treatment goals for a person with diabetes
    • maintain optimal nutrition
    • prevents high or low blood glucoses
    • prevent complications
    • well planned food habits]
    • exercise
    • medication
    • monitoring
  9. What are some risk factors for diabetes
    • family history
    • low LDL
    • high HDL
    • high BP
    • history of gestational diabetes
    • minority
  10. When is gestational diabetes normally occur
    during week 20 of gestation
  11. What are some health risk for gestational diabetes
    • high blood glucose
    • hypertension
    • premature birth
    • large fetus
    • congenital abnormalities
    • infant diabetes
  12. Milk is a _____ because it has __________
    • CHO
    • lactose
  13. When CHO are metabolized where do they go
    straight into the cardiovascular system
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