Systems Ch. 4 Communications

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  1. What is the purpose of the EMER switch on the Audio Control Panel (ACP)
    Direct connect to the COMM. (bypass the REU if audio system fails)
  2. What Comm will the Captain be connected to if the EMER switch is used
    Comm 1
  3. What Comm will the first officer be connected to if the EMER switch is used
    Comm 2 
  4. Are the GPWS and PA audio levels adustable from the ACP
    No, they are set at fixed levels
  5. How many transmitting microphones are at each pilot station
    • Headset microphone
    • Oxygen Mask microphone
    • Hand-held microphone¬†
  6. What controls volume between crewmember communications
    INT silde on both ACPs
  7. What is the power source for Comm 1
    Emergency Avionics Bus
  8. How is communication between the cockpit and cabin accomplished
    Through the cabin interphone. Either through the handset or headset while pressing the respective pushbutton on the aft center pedestal
  9. What is the PA button used for
    To establish communication between the cockpit and cabin via the address system
  10. What lights illuminate when the Flight Attendant presses the call button
    Green call light on the center pedestal and the orange call on the overhead panel
  11. What lights illuminate when the Flight Attendant presses the EMER button
    Red EMER light on the Center pedestal and the Red EMER on the overhead panel
  12. When using the Oxygen mask what is the procedure to make a PA
    With mask switch selected, push the PA button on the Oxygen panel
  13. What is the Voice/ Ident switch used for on the ACP
    Used to Id a Nav aid or listen over the VOR frequency
  14. When the EMER switch is in EMER which PTT switch must be used
    PTT on the control wheel
  15. What is the L/R switch on the observer audio panel used for
    To select between the left and right audio panels
  16. What does the ACT button on the Comm do
    STBY frequency is inhibited; the frequency selector now directly tunes the active frequency
  17. How is the ACT mode selected on the Comm
    Hold the button for at least 2 seconds to activate and alse deactivate
  18. What does the STO button on the Comm do
    Saves selected frequencies to memory
  19. If communications are lost with ATC what squawk code is used
  20. What sqwuak code is used for emergency aircraft
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