Fire I

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  1. Type I construction is 
    Fire Resistive
  2. Type II construction is
  3. Type III construction is
  4. Type IV construction is
    Heavy Timber
  5. Type V construction is
    Wood Frame
  6. Atmospheric Pressure at sea level is:
    14.7 pounds per squar inch. 
  7. Class A fires are:
    Ordinary Combustables
  8. Class B fires are:
    Flamable and combustable liquids
  9. Class C fires are:
    Electrical or energized
  10. Class D fires are:
  11. Class K fires are:
    Combustable cooking oils
  12. What type of construction has massive amounts of combustable structural and building contents and has exposure protection problems due to structural members giving off tremendous heat?
    Type IVconstruction: Heavy Timber
  13. What type of construction has the primary fire hazard of contents of its structure?
    Type I construction: Fire Resistive
  14. Which type of construction has the primary fire hazard of smoke and fire spreading through concealed spaces?
    Type III construction: Ordinary Construction
  15. Which type of construction has the primary fire hazard of almost unlimited potential for fire extension within the structure and fire extension from door and windows to the exterior of the structure?
    Type V construction:  Wood Frame
  16. Which type of construction has the primary fire hazard of contents, failure of structural supports, and failure of flat built up roofs?
    Type II construction: Noncombustable
  17. Oxygen content as low as ____ percent can support combustion at room temperature?
  18. List 4 possible signs of backdraft?
    • 1. Pulsing smoke movement
    • 2. Black smoke becoming dense grey or yellow
    • 3. Smoke stained windows with heat induced cracks
    • 4. Inwardly drawn smoke
    • 5. Pressurized smoke leaving building
    • 6. Little or no visible flame       
  19. Members shall limit thier phone conversations and visits to ___ minutes during visiting hours?
  20. Command will be transfered only to:
    Only to a higher ranking Chief Officer of Del City Fire Dept
  21. It is the responsibility of __________ to be energy efficient in daily operation.
    All personnel
  22. __________ shall not allow thier apparatus to be driven at a rate of speed greater than can be maintained with safety
  23. True or false.  All fire dept hose shall be tested annually
    false.  LDH is not tested.
  24. The chain saw will be started and ran for a minimum of _____minutes each monday.  On the first monday of the month the fuel from both the gas can and chainsaw will be emptied and replaced with a mixture of ______
    3.2 oz (one capfull)  of two cycle oil to 1 gallon of gasoline
  25. Hose carried on vehicles will be (with the exception of booster lines) will be taken off and readjusted and reloaded __________.
  26. All personnel entering an area reading in excess of _____ ppm of carbon monoxide will don full turn out gear and SCBA's.
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