Fat people

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  1. Areas of life affected by size inequality:
    • work/financial
    • family
    • out in public
    • health/medical
    • politics/law
    • education
    • social
    • entertainment
    • media visibility
  2. Work/financial affects of fat phobia
    • Hiring
    • Punishment and firing
    • Salaries
    • Respect/inclusion
    • "not appropriate for this job"- news casting, politicians
  3. Effects of fat phobia on education
    • the physical environment of school
    • common stereotypes about fat students/teachers
    • selective attention + confirmation bias
    • effects of teacher beliefs/perceptions on learning/education/interactions
    • bullying
  4. Effects of fat phobia on the family
    • immigration-wont accept people with bmi over 30
    • adoption
    • child custody
    • eating and buying food
    • discrimination protection
  5. Fat phobia in social interactions
    • friendships
    • love, relationships, marriage, pda - mike and molly
    • bullying, harrassment, pressure, body hating talk, exploitation
  6. Fat phobia when out in public
    • ridicule
    • travel and costs
    • accessibility
    • unauthorized photos
    • public seating
    • scrutiny of eating
    • exercising/play/leisure/ working out
    • shopping for clothing
    • *access to full life and quality of life?
  7. Fat phobia in politics and law
    • representation by peers
    • legal discrimination with no protections
    • increasing legislation of fat:
    • -bmi report cards
    • -surcharges for fat employees
    • -taxing the fatties and stereotypical behavior
    • -mississippi food service bill
  8. What is fat studies?
    • reletively new; interdisciplinary
    • society's focus: omg deathfatz
    • Fat studies focus: societys roles, rules, claims about and treatment of people of various sizes
  9. What fat studies is not:

    myths about fat studies
    • its of no interest to / done by only fat people
    • its about making excuses for fatness
    • its about saying 'fat is better than thin'
    • its claims are not supported by scientific evidence
  10. How is fat studies related to sociology?
    • Focus on society -> Natural fit between the 2
    • CW Mills "sociological imagination" : "a quality of mind"
    • Intersection of: biography and history/culture

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