Government Ch 11

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  1. multinational corporation 
    An entity head quartered in one country that does business in one or more foreign
  2. liberalization
    The economic policy of lowering tariffs and other barriers to encourage trade and investment. 
  3. transnational corporation
    As defined by the United Nations, a parent entity that controls the assets of affiliated entities in foreign countries. 
  4. transnationality index (TNI) 
    The average of three ratios: foreign assests to tital assets, foreign sales to total sales, and foreign employment to total employment. 
  5. foreign dorect investment
    Funds invested by an MNC in one nation for starting acquiring, or expanding an enterprise in another nation. 
  6. portfolio investment
    The limited, speculative purchase of stocks and bonds in  a foreign company by individuals or mutal funds.
  7. Alien Tort Claims Act
    A 1789 Law permitting foreign citezens to litgate alleged violations of international law in U.S. federal district courts.
  8. international codes of conduct.
    Voluntary aspirational statements by MNCs that set forth standards for goreign operations
  9. Sullivan Principles
    A 1977 code of conduct that required multinational corporations in South Africa to do business in a nondiscriminatory way. 
  10. snowball clause 
    A clause in a conduct code requiring or exhorting the corporation to use its power over contractors to make them comply with code standards. 
  11. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    A declaration recognizing the "equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family" adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. It contains 30 articles that catalog basic human rights. It is not legally enforceable but has status as a benchmark in judicial proceedings.
  12. multilateral code
    A code of conduct set up by several groups of stakeholders, including one or more corporations. 
  13. bluewashing 
    The act of a corporation cloaking its lack of social responsibility by insincere membership in the UN global cmpact. 
  14. Communication on Progress
    A report from a Corporation about its actions in support of 10 Global Compact principles
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