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  1. state statutes and local ordinances that regulate the creation and performance of certain types of contracts on Sundays and legal holidays
    blue laws
  2. a contract made on sunday; in a small number of jurisdictions, such contracts are invalid unless they are ratified on weekday
    Sunday agreement
  3. an agreement in which performance by one party depends on the occurence of an uncertain event
    gambling agreement
  4. the charge for using borrowed money, generally expressed as an annual percentage
  5. charing interest higher than the law permits
  6. an agreement with a person who does not have a required license
    unlicensed transaction
  7. an agreement to encourage a lawsuit in which one or mnore of the parties have no legitimate interest
  8. a limitation on the full axercise of doing business with others
    restraint of trade
  9. a situation in which oner or mmore control the market in a particular area or for a particualr product
    monopoly power
  10. a federal statute that forbids  certain agreements that tend  to unreasonably inhibit competition, fix prices, allocate territories, or limit production
    Sherman Antitrust Act
  11. a federal statute that makes it unlawful to discrimate, directly or indirectly, in matters involving product pricing, advertising, and promotion
    Robinson-Patman Act
  12. a legal monopoly in which a state or  federal government grants a person or irm  a license to conduct a specific business, usually an essential service
    government-granted franchise
  13. the parent firm in a franchise agreement
  14. the independent firm in a franchise agreement
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