Nutrition Nitrogen balance

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  1. What does nitrogen balance mean
    nitrogen in= nitrogen out
  2. What is a negative nitrogen balance
    nitrogen intake is less than nitrogen output

    body protein is decresing
  3. When would a negative nitrogen balance occur
    • injury
    • illness
    • diet low in protein or calories
  4. What is a positive nitrogen balance
    • nitrogen intake is more than nitrogen output
    • body is gaining protein
  5. When would a positive nitrogen blanace occur
    • body is grownig
    • pregnancy
    • weight lifters
  6. Who focuses on plants proteins for EAA
  7. What is a vegan diet
    only plants
  8. What is a lacto-vegetarian
    plants plus dairy
  9. what is an ovo-vegetarian
    • plants
    • dairy
    • eggs
  10. What are two types of contemporary vegitarians
    • pesco
    • pollo
  11. Why do people become semivegetarian
    to decrease risk of chronic diet related issues
  12. What are the health benefits of vegetarianism
    • health benefits
    • spiritual rationale
    • economic/enviormental benefits
  13. What are the drawbacks of vegetarianism
    vitamin D & B12 deficent
  14. What can result from protein energy malnutrition
    • marasmus
    • kwashiorkor
  15. What causes marasmus
    lack of energy kcal intake
  16. What causes kwashiorlor
    lack of protein consumption while still consuming required energy kcal

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Nutrition Nitrogen balance
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Nutrition Nitrogen balance

Nutrition Nitrogen balance
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