US History

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  1. In 1767 this revinue proposal was introduced. It was called a "revinue measure disguised as a duty"
    Townshend Duties
  2. Name the two types of tariffs.
    Revinue & Protective
  3. Which tariff is intended to help an industry in the homeland?
    Protective Tariff
  4. Which tariff is intended to raise monies for a government?
    Revinue Tariff
  5. The colonies form watch group for what England is doing. Collective group to combat England’s laws.
    “Committees of correspondence”
  6. In 1769 all of the Townshend Duties are repealed except for __________.
  7. Was British captain in charge at the Boston Massacre.
    Captain Preston
  8. He was responsible for getting justice for the British soldiers involved with the Boston Massacre.
    John Adams
  9. Was created by Paliament to help save the East India Tea Company in 1773.
    1773 – Tea Act
  10. Name the month, day and year of the Boston Tea Party.
    December 16, 1773
  11. What is the name of the acts created in response to the Tea Party of 1773.
    Coercive Act
  12. Name the four measures of the Coersive Act.
    • Boston Port Bill,
    • Massachusetts Government Act,
    • Administrationof Justice Act ,
    • & New Quarter Act
  13. What was Meeting in Philly at Carpenters Hall called in 1774?
    First Continental Congress
  14. Who wrote the letter to the King from a meeting in Philadelphia in 1774?
    John Dickenson
  15. Who are the two riders that yelled the "regulars are coming" in 1775?
    Paul Revere and William Daws
  16. What was the name of the city that the Sons of Liberty were holed up in in April 18, 1775?
    Concord, Mass.
  17. Name the British Comander at the battles of Lexington and Concorde.
    Thomas Gage
  18. Name the Comander of the militia at the battles of Lexington.
    Captain Parker
  19. Name theĀ  Commander who surrendered at the battles of Concorde.
    Colonel James Barrett
  20. Name the month, day, and year of the second Continental Congress.
    May 10, 1775
  21. Who was the continental officers in charge at Bunker Hill?
    William Prescott
  22. Name the month, day and year we achieved our Independence from England.
    July 4, 1776
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