Ear and Eye

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  1. aque/o
  2. blephar/o
  3. Conjunctiv/o
    Conjunctiva (to join together)
  4. Corne/o
  5. Cycl/o
    ciliary (body circle)
  6. ir/o
    Iris (colored circle)
  7. lacrim/o
  8. ocul/o
  9. Phac/o
  10. Phot/o
  11. Presby/o
    old age
  12. retin/o
  13. Scler/o
    sclera (hard)
  14. Vitre/o
  15. -opia
    condition of vision 
  16. Conjunctiva
    joining together (provides a lining for the eye and eye lid)
  17. Lacrimal gland 
    secretes tears that lubricate and protect the eye
  18. Lacrimal duct
    tubes that carry tears to the lacrimal sac
  19. lacrimal sac
    structure that collects tears before emptying into nose
  20. Nasolacrimal duct
    passageway for tears from the lacrimal sac into the nose
  21. Cornea
    transparent anterior part of the eyeball covering the iris pupil 
  22. Meibomian glands
    oil glands located along the rim of the eyelids
  23. Ciliary body
    ring of muscle behind the peripheral iris that controls the power of the lens
  24. ciliary processes
    • tissue folds on the inner seurgace of the ciliary body that secrete aqueous humor 
  25. Macula lutea (Macula)
    Central region of the retina responsible for central vision , yellow pigment provides its color
  26. optic nerve
    nerve that carries impulses for the sense of sight from the retina to the brain
  27. pupil
    black circular opening in th ecenter of the iris, light passes it when it enters the eye
  28. Retina
    innermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve
  29. Rods
    Rod shaped cells within the retina that responds to dim light
  30. cone
    cone shaped cells within th eretina that are color sensitive and respond to bright light
  31. sclera
    tough fibreous white outer coat extending from the corena to the optic nerve
  32. Vitreous
    Jelly like mass filling the inner chamber between the lens and retina that gives bulk to the eye
  33. asthenopia
  34. blepharospasm
    involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the eye 
  35. diplopia
    double vision
  36. Exophthalmos
    abnormal protrusion of one or both eye balls
  37. lacrimatino 
    secreatino of tears
  38. nystagmus
    involuntary rapid oscillating movement of the eyeball
  39. photophobia
    extreme sensitivity to and discomfort form light 
  40. Scotoma
    blind spot in vision
  41. Astigmatisim
    vision caused by an oblong or cylindrical curvature of the lens or cornea that prevents light from coming to a single focus on the retina
  42. Hyperopia (farsightedness)
    Difficulty seeing close objects
  43. Myopia(nearsightedness)
    Difficulty seeing objects far away
  44. accomodation
    ability of the eye to adjust focus on near objects 
  45. BlepharOChalasis
    Baggy eyelid
  46. blepharOPtosis
    drooping of th eeyelid caused by paralysis
  47. Cataract
    opagque clouding of the lens causing decreased vision
  48. conjunctivitis
    pink eye 
  49. dacryoadenitis
    inflammation of the lacrimal gland
  50. dacryoCYSTitis
    inlammation of the tear sac
  51. Diabetic Retinopathy
    disease of the retina in diabetics
  52. ECTropion
    outward turning of the rim of the eyelid
  53. ENTropion
    inward turning of the rim of the eyelid
  54. Epiphora
    abnormal overflow of tears caused by a blockage
  55. glaucoma
    group of diseases of the eye characterized by increased intraocular pressure that results in dmage to the optic nerve
  56. Hordeolum (sty)
    an acute infection of a sebaceous gland in the eyelid
  57. Macular degeneration
    breakdown or thinning of the tissues in the macula resulting in partial or complete loss of central vision. 
  58. Retinal detachment
    separation of the retina from the underlying epithelium resulting in blindness if not surgicaly repaired
  59. Strabismus
    Crossed eyes
  60. ESOtropia
    Right or left eye 

    • Eso= inward deviation
    • Exo= outward deviation  
  61. Trichiasis
    misdirected eyelashes that rub on the conjunctiva or cornea
  62. Blepharoplasty
    surgical repair of an eyelid
  63. cryoretinopey
    use of intesne cold to seal a hole or tear in the retina
  64. dacryocystectomy
    excision of a lacrimal sac
  65. enucleation
    excision of an eyeball
  66. keratoplasty
    corneal transplant
  67. intraocular lens implant
    implantation of an artificial lens 
  68. Scleral buckling 
    surgery to treat retinal detachment
  69. Acous/o
  70. aer/o
    air or gas
  71. aur/i
  72. cerumin/o
  73. salping/o
    eustachian tube
  74. tympan/o
  75. -acusis
    hearing condition
  76. External ear
    pinna, external auditory meatus, cerumen
  77. Middle ear
    tympanic membrane, malleus, incus, stapes
  78. eustachian tube
    tube connecting the middle ear to pharynx
  79. mastoid process
    projection of the temporal bone located behind the ear
  80. inner ear
    labyrinth, cochlea, perilymph, endolymph
  81. otalgia
  82. otorrhagia
    bleeding fromt he ear
  83. otorrhea
    purulent drainage from the ear
  84. tinnitus
    a jingling ringing or buzzing in the ear
  85. vertigo 
    a turning round dizziness
  86. otitis externa
    inflammation of the external auditory meatus
  87. cerumen impaction
    excessive buildup of wax in the ear
  88. myringitis 
    inflammation of the eardrum
  89. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  90. aerotitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear from changes in atmospheric pressure
  91. otosclerosis
    hardening of the bony tissue in the ear
  92. mastoiditis
    inflammation of the mastoid process
  93. acoustic neruoma
    benign tumor on the auditory nerve
  94. Aplasia 
    condition of absence or malformation
  95. Meniere Disease
    disorder of the inner ear due to an excessive buildup of endolymphatic fluid
  96. Deafness
    general term for partial or complete hearing loss
  97. conductive hearing loss
    hearing impairment caused by interference with sound 
  98. Sensorineural hearing loss
    hearing impairent caused by lesions or dysfunction
  99. mixed hearing loss 
    comination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss
  100. Presbyacusis
    hearing impairment in old age
  101. Audiometry
    process of measuring  hearing

    • Audiometer-instrument to measure
    • Audiogram- record of hearing measurement
    • Audiologist-person who specializes in the study of hearing  
  102. Brainstem auditory evoked potentials
    used to measure involuntary responses to sound within the auditory nervous system
  103. myringotomy
    incision into the eardrum to place a tube 
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