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  1. health informatics***
    collect, compile, present
  2. health communication***
    perceive, combine info, make decisions
  3. informatics and communications overlap***
  4. self report
    • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System: small pox permanent damage
    • Medwatch: self medicated
    • follow the drug but it's incomplete***
  5. sentinel monitoring
    • flu, zoonotic, wild fowl>>>>us
    • real time but need background knowledge***
  6. syndromic surveillance
    • RODSS, Essence, Rebat: look for blips on the radar or observe what goes out first
    • early warning but can be false***
  7. IMR (formula)
    #deaths in year (less than 1yr)/total # live births in same yr 
  8. IMR
    • main measurement of child health 
    • incidence
  9. Cutoff mortality 
    Under 5
  10. Life expectancy
    • average number of years expected to live if current mortality rates continue
    • probability of dying 
    • note: 75 in US/percentage can't grow
  11. HALE (formula)
    Life expectancy X QOH score
  12. HALE
    • health adjusted life expectancy
    • how healthy were you through mobility, cognition, self care, pain, mood, sensory organ
    • note: lower than life expectancy
  13. DALY
    • disability adjusted life year
    • specific conditions between countries (too bad we don't really investigate) 
  14. presentation of health info
    • need lots of disciplines 
    • affect the behavior  
  15. perception of info 
    dread, unfamiliarity, uncontrollability 
  16. dread effect
    man notices when the issue is more in the open and scare
  17. unfamiliarity effect
    man notices when ppl are absent because of their past experience 
  18. uncontrollability effect
    man notices when he can't do anything or prevent
  19. decision analysis 
    • how likely? how important? how soon? 
    • note: the young aren't gonna believe they're gonna die 
  20. decision making 
    • risk taking 
    • clinical decision making  
  21. inform of decision
    we need to make
  22. informed consent
    we need your permission
  23. shared decision making
    give information and let the patient do the deciding
  24. flow of informatics***
  25. flow of communications***
    present>perceive>combine>decision making
  26. cases***
    • SARS
    • alert new
    • dramatic but needs rapid action
  27. stats***
    • birth 
    • need by law
    • institutions but delays
  28. surveys***
    • sampling
    • conclusions
    • larger but delays
  29. for the better
    smoking, SIDS, seatbelt, mammography 
  30. for the worse
    obesity and smoking in women after Women Liberation
  31. how (4) change for individuals
    • small substitution-tylenol prevents RACE 
    • more edu
    • incentives-you should protect yourself too
    • easy
  32. downstream***
    • individual
    • addiction to nicotine  
  33. mainstream***
    larger group like peer pressure/tax on cigars
  34. upstream***
    social structure and policies like drinking by 21 and seatbelt
  35. transtheoretical model***
    • pre contemplate-no clue
    • contemplate-learn
    • prep-gather
    • action-work
    • maintain
  36. perceive susceptibility 
    could be detrimental 
  37. perceive severity 
    how badly if i don't
  38. perceive barriers/benefits 
    cons vs. pros 
  39. to change behavior...
    based on theories 
  40. self efficacy 
    belief to be able to 
  41. 4 Ps***
    • product
    • price
    • place
    • promo
  42. early majority adopters***
    only if led by leader
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