Landing Gear Unit 3 exam

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  1. 8305. Exposure to and/or storage near which of the following is considered harmful to aircraft tires?
  2. 8311. Why do most aircraft tire manufacturers recommend that the tubes in newly installed tires be first inflated, fully deflated, and then reinflated to the correct pressure?
    to allow the tube to position itself correctly inside the tire
  3. 8314. Why do tire and wheel manufacturers often recommend that the tire on split rim wheels be deflated before removing the wheel form the axle?
    As a safety precaution in case the bolts that hold the wheel halvses together have been damaged or weakend
  4. 8319. A stripe or mark applied to a wheel rim and extending onto the sidewall of a tube-type tire is a
    slippage mark
  5. 8321. Overinflated aircraft tires may cause damage to the
    wheel flange
  6. 8324. On an air valve core stem, what indicates high-pressure type?
    An embossed letter "H"
  7. 8325. The primary purpose for balanced aircraft wheel assemblies is to
    prevent heavy spots and reduce vibration
  8. 8330. The removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires by the holder of a private pilot certificate on an aircraft owned or operated is considered to be
    preventive maintenance
  9. 8343. Aircraft tire pressure should be checked
    at least once a week or more often
  10. 8351. A high-speed aircraft tire with a sound cord body and bead may be recapped
    and indefinite number of times
  11. 8353. The correct inflation pressure for and aircraft tire can be obtained from
    the aircraft service manual
  12. 8360. When  a properly operating fusible plug has allowed a tire to deflate, the tire should be
  13. 8361. Chines are used on some aircraft nose wheel tires to help
    deflect water away  from the fuselage
  14. 8362. the best safeguards against heat buildup in aircraft tires are
    short ground rolls, slow taxi speeds, minimum braking, and proper tire inflation
  15. 8363. The fusible plugs installed in some aircraft wheels will
    melt at a specified elevated temperature
  16. 8364. What action, if any, should be taken when thereis a difference of more than 5 pounds of air pressure in tires mounted as duals?
    correct the discrpancy and enter in the aircraft records
  17. 8365. How long should you wait after a flight before checking tire pressure?
    At least 2 hours (3 hours in hot weather)
  18. 8366. Excessive wear in the shoulder area of an aircraft tire is and indication of
  19. 8367. Excessive wear in the center of the tread of and aircraft tire is and indication of
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