CH 12: Parts of Eye

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  1. anterior chamber
    fluid-filled space between the cornea and iris
  2. aqueous humor
    watery liquid secreted at the ciliary body-fills anterior and posterior chambers of eye-nourishes cornea, iris and lens
  3. choroid
    vascular layer
  4. ciliary body
    ring of muscle, controls power of the lens
  5. ciliary muscle
    smooth muscle portion of the ciliary body, near-vision capabilities
  6. ciliary process
    epithelial tissue-secrete aqueous humor
  7. conjunctiva
    mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and outer surfaces of the eyeball
  8. cornea
    bends light to focus image
  9. eyelid (palpebra)
    opens and closes
  10. fovea centralis
    • depression in the middle of the macula lutea
    • sharpest vision here
  11. macula lutea
    central region of the retina, responsible for central vision
  12. fundus (base)
    interior surface of the eye ball: retina, optic disk, macula, posterior pole
  13. meibomian glands
    oil glands located along the rim of the eyelids
  14. iris
    • colored circle
    • regulates light passage through pupil
  15. lacrimal gland
    secretes tears
  16. lacrimal duct
    tubes that carry tears to the lacrimal sac
  17. lacrimal sac
    structure that collects tears before emptying into the nasolacrimal duct
  18. lens
    bends and focuses light
  19. lens capsule
    capsule that encloses the lens
  20. nasolacrimal duct
    passageway for tears from teh lacrimal sac into the nose
  21. optic disk
    • exit site of retinal nerve fibers
    • entrance/exit for arteries and veins
  22. optic nerve
    carries impulses of sight from the retina to the brain
  23. pupil
    center of the iris, light passes through here
  24. retina
    -cones & rods
    • receives/transmits light to the optic nerve
    • cones: color, bright light
    • rods: dim light
  25. sclera
    tough, fibrous, white outer coat
  26. vitreous
    jelly-like mass filling the inner chamber between the lens and retina
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