Ch 9/10 PV

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  1. Duty Cycle
    The percentage of time a load is operating
  2. Critical Design Ratio
    The ratio of electrical energy demand to average insolation during a period
  3. Critical Design Month
    The month with the highest critical design ratio
  4. Load Fraction
    The portion of load operating power that comes from the battery bank over the course of a day
  5. Soiling
    The accumulation of dust and dirt on an array surface that shades the array and reduces electrical output
  6. Installed nominal operating cell temperature (INOCT)
    The estimated temperature of a module operating in a specific mounting system design
  7. Fixed-Tilt Mounting System
    An array mounting system that permanently secures modules in a nonmovable position at a specific tilt angle
  8. Rack Mount
    A type of fixed or adjustable - tilt array mounting system with a triangular-shaped structure to increase the tilt angle of the array
  9. Standoff Mount
    A type of fixed-tilt arrary mounting system where modules are supported by a structure parallel to and slightly above the roof surface
  10. Galvanic Corrosion
    An electrochemical process that causes electrical current to flow between two dissimilar metals, which eventually corrodes one of the materials (the anode).
  11. Sacrificial Anode
    A metal part, usually zinc or magnesium, that is more susceptible to galvanic corrosion that the metal structure it is attached to, so that it corrodes, rather than the structure
  12. Design Load
    Is a calculated structural load used to evaluate the strength of a structure to failure
  13. Dead Load
    Is a static structural load due to the weight of permanent building members, supported structure, and attachments
  14. Live Load
    A dynamic structural load due to the weight of temporary items and people using or occupying the structure
  15. Basic Wind Speed
    The maximum value of a 3 sec gust at 33' (10m) elevation, which is used in wind load calculations
  16. Resonance
    The condition when a vibration frequency matches the fundamental frequency of the structure
  17. Allowable Withdrawal Load
    The force required to remove a screw from a material by tensile (pulling) force only
  18. Blocking
    The addition of lumber under a roof surface and between trusses or rafters as supplemental structural support
  19. Spanning
    The addition of lumber under a roof surface and across trusses or rafters as supplemental structural support
  20. Self-Ballasting
    An attachment method that relies on the weight of the array, support structure, and ballasting material to hold the array in position
  21. Active Tracking Mount
    An array mounting system that uses electric motors and gear drives to automatically direct the array toward the sun
  22. Passive Tracking Mount
    An array mounting system that uses noelectrical means to automatically direct an array toward the sun
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